Typos & Autocorrect And Why I Hate Both (Sometimes)

August 23, 2014 Discussion 8


I have a love-hate relationship with typos & autocorrect, I’m not gonna lie.

That sounds crazy doesn’t it? Let me explain.

One: they’re hilarious. When I accidentally send a message with a typo, I crack up. Maybe I’m insane, but I just find them SO amusing.


I tried to find some examples through google, but honestly, they were all much too inappropriate, I couldn’t even consider posting them here. All well. I did end up laughing so loud my mom made me leave the room because she couldn’t hear Rookie Blue (it’s the finale, I think).

Second: They make me sound like an idiot. Especially when they end up in a blog post. Messages with friends are totally different because it’s not supposed to be formal or correct all the time (hello, no one spells things out anymore).

If I spot a typo in a post, I feel instant terror until I fix it and update the post. If it’s been up for a while before I notice, I die a bit inside.

The worst part? I ALWAYS read through my posts several times before publishing them. And I use a spell-checker. Yet, those nasty little typos always find their way into my posts.

I would say I have a pretty crappy spell-checker (and some pretty bad eyes, too), except that the only ones the get through are the ones that are real words, just not the RIGHT word I intended to write. Yeah, I have no excuse for my bad eyes, though. :/

So, this is a pretty useless post, but I just felt like sharing so…

What’s your take on typos and autocorrect? Do they annoy you? Do you find them funny, like I do?


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8 Responses to “Typos & Autocorrect And Why I Hate Both (Sometimes)”

  1. Miranda @ Tempest Books

    Sometimes I like them, too, because they can be very funny! But only if it’s a text…not a mistake in a blog post! I hate that so much. Or, even worse, a review. I’m always worried that people will have seen and judged me…like I was too stupid to get it right the first time or something. But I’m sure nobody thinks that! I just really hate typos. Especially because I’m a copyeditor for my job, so it’s definitely something I take seriously.

    • Jessica

      I used to write my reviews on Word but I have the proofreading on my site now, so it makes it easier to write in the editor. LOL I hate when autocorrect won’t let you write certain words- and it’s especially funny to me because I just got a new phone and the autocorrect was in spanish and it kept changing my english words to spanish ones and I don’t speak spanish and it was just awful. I just figured out how to change it to english.

  2. Connie

    Totally agreed! I especially hate it when I don’t spot a typo in a school assignment until right before I have to turn it in, because I always have a mini spaz attack xD
    I can catch other peoples’ spelling and grammar mistakes pretty easily, but I never see my own; I think my mind just automatically fixes it for me, so I don’t notice.

    • Jessica

      Yes! I am the same way. And I think my mind does the same thing, because I am always missing simple mistakes of my own, but I can spot someone else’s mistake so easily.

    • Jessica

      I think I’ve actually become WORSE at spelling since autocorrect became a thing, so I think it might be a good idea for to turn it off for a bit. I just get so used to it doing all the work. Thanks for commenting!

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