Happy New Year!

January 1, 2016 Life 3


Caylin and I would like to wish you all a fabulous New Year! We hope 2016 is a hell of lot better than 2015!

2015 was hard. That’s not to say it was all bad, but… eh.

We did get some pretty fantastic new music, books, and TV shows, though. Check below to see some of my favorite things from 2015, and feel free to leave some of your favorite 2015 debuts in the comments!

Favorite 2015 Books

Wrong Side of a Fistfight

I explored poetry a bit more this year, and I’m happy to announce that I have a new favorite poet: Ashe Vernon. I’ve seen a lot of her work on Tumblr and ended up purchasing her newest book, Wrong Side of a Fistfight. I’ll be posting a review soon!

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

All the Bright Places was a book I read at the very end of 2014, but it was released early 2015 so I’m counting it as a favorite 2015 book. Honestly, this book ruined me. Very cute, but very sad. Tread carefully. 😛 Here’s my review, if you wanna check it out.

Saint Anything

I maybe might only have this on my favorites list because it’s one of the last books I read… not sure if that makes sense but… anyway Saint Anything was an adorable, touching read that you should definitely check out! 🙂 Here’s my review.

Favorite 2015 TV Show


Yeah… I’m a TV show repeater, so I’m not big on new shows. However, iZombie somehow (it was all Robert Buckley) reeled me in and I need to catch up on the new episodes ASAP! Ps. It’s on Netflix.

Favorite 2015 Music




Made in the A.M.

Here’s a playlist of some of my favorite songs from 2015:

Hope you all have a wonderful 2016!


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