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May 6, 2017 Blog & Life Updates 0

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As the title says, Strung out on Books is looking for some new voices: guest writers and new regular contributors.

If you’ve kept up with us, you’ll know that we already have one new voice on the blog. That makes our writing team a total of three now, but we want even more perspectives!

In March, we welcomed Leo to join Strung out on Books. Go check out his welcome post and his first review!

We also published a post last week introducing our new goal for the blog for this year and going forward:

My goal for Strung out on Books for 2017 is to include as many voices and perspectives on the blog as possible. Whether that involves welcoming guest posts, regular contributors, or new full-time bloggers, you’re bound to see some new people and content on SooB in the upcoming months! Click here to read more!

Read on to find out more about being a guest writer!

Being a guest writer is pretty self-explanatory and the commitment is minimal. You just send us your post or your topic. Then, if it fits our criteria, we’ll get it ready to publish the post as soon as possible. That’s it.

Our criteria for guest posts:

We are interested in various kinds of guest posts. We only suggest that they relate somehow to literature, books, YA, reading, etc. Then, just email strungoutonbooks@gmail.com with your topic idea and we’ll let you know if it fits our criteria. We’re not too strict about topics, but this is a YA book blog, so relevance is preferred.

If you’d like to contribute regularly…

We have contributor positions available, too! If you’d like to be a regular contributor, please email us with your name, examples of your writing, and a description of the type of content you’d like to write (reviews, discussions, articles, etc.).

Of course, this option comes with more commitment: a commitment to write a number of posts per month – likely one or two – for a specified period of time.

If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below or send us an email!

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We hope to bring as many new voices to the blog as possible!


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