Wattpad Review and Interview – “Bed Warmer” by CometsofMind

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Title: Bed Warmer
Author: CometsofMind aka Aleisha KA
Genre: Short Story, Mystery, Romance, Chicklit
Series: Standalone
Published On: March 22nd, 2016
Format: Digital
Source: Wattpad.com
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Bed Warmer: (noun) A person who is only used for a one night stand and expected to leave straight away.

In the three years I’ve been on Wattpad, the site has gained millions of members, reinvented its layout, and continues to have a flourishing community across the globe. With all the works Wattpad has to offer, however, it can be difficult to sift through columns of stories and find a good, original read.

“Bed Warmer” kind of snuck up on me. I probably found it browsing someone’s profile, and while I’m not usually a fan of “noun/definition” summaries, this one perked my interest. Bed Warmer. It was a term I’d never heard of until then, probably because I live under a rock.  It also didn’t hurt that I found the cover – which author Aleisha also made – visually appealing.

The concept of “Bed Warmer” is pretty straightforward: there’s a girl, she’s a bed warmer. Each chapter is more or less a standalone, because each centers around a different guy the girl spends the night with.  In reality, though, they all tie into one story – because while it’s a closed book (no pun intended) for our main female, each guy has a common connection: her.

And that’s what really hooked me on “Bed Warmer”, how the author Aleisha took such a simple concept and gave us a realistic peek into it.  The story isn’t long nor overly complex, but it carries a heavy and relevant message regarding sex, consent, and the identities/bias people pin on us based off our actions.

To top it off, Aleisha is a wonderful writer – she’s able to weave a sparse amount of words and make you feel present in the story. Even if we don’t know the names and faces of all the characters, we still feel involved in their short experiences with one another.I actually got the chance to interview Aleisha on Wattpad, which we’re both happy to share on here. If you’re reading this, Aleisha, thanks again for the interview!

Interview with the Author, Aleisha!

#1 Q: How long have you been writing?

A: I’ve been writing actively since about 2016 but I’ve always written for school and other things.

#2 Q: What kind of authors have you been inspired by?

A: Definitely a range of online writers such as @simonesaidwhat and @misfires but also Louisa may Alcotts ‘little women’  was probably my favourite book growing up that incorporated strong women who were adventurous and still feminine. Lots of people think strength of women is at the cost of femininity but that book was the first I read that challenged that.

#3 Q: How did you come up with the idea for “Bed Warmer”?

A: The idea was something I was messing around with for a long time and it just stemmed from like multiple sexually confident women that I’d read about but I felt that they had never really been explored properly. So I just created my own which people seem to enjoy!

#4 Q: Are there any general themes/morals you try to incorporate in your stories or do you like to cover different topics in each of your works?

A: I tend to drift towards representing POC and quite hard hitting themes. It really stems from me just wanting to read these sort of books but them not being available so I just have to create it for myself. Anything I am truly passionate about somehow makes its way into my work.

#5 Q: Be honest – whose chapter was your favorite to write in “Bed Warmer” and why?

A: Oooohhh this is a hard one, I’d say probably Roshan just because he was my first male POC character and also it was representing a pairing who were Indian but slightly westernised. A lot of the time POC are completely whitewashed or stereotyped but this was the first time I had seen and written something a little more realistic.

#6 Q: What do you hope for readers to feel when they read “Bed Warmer”? What kind of take-home messages or impressions do you want them to have from your characters/writing?

A: I hope they feel challenged, a lot of people will judge the ‘Bed Warmer’ right off the bat and after the final chapter they even blame her. I think this represents society’s response to rape culture really well, but the fact that this creates a discussion is the most important part to me. At least once a week, someone will correct a judgmental persons view and I am happy to have helped them start the conversation to change perceptions. I simply want people to realise that sex is normal and that rape isn’t the victims fault, no matter what the case is.

#7 Q: How did you discover Wattpad and why do you think others should read on the app/website?

A: I think I discovered Wattpad because my friend was showing me a really bad fanfiction. But then I realised there was so much more out there apart from the ‘Kidnapped by my favourite band’ esque books. I definitely recommend Wattpad because the work is current and FREE!!! But really though, some of the writing on  here is phenomenal and I whole heartedly believe it could rival published work.

#8 Q: As a writer, what is something you struggle with the most? The least?

A: TIMING AND INSPIRATION! I am 16 going on 17 and school is still a thing for me. I can’t spend every waking moment writing and although I get pestered for updates, I do need sometime to myself. I also go through periods of high and low inspiration which is the absolute worst but the only way to get through that is to just wait it out. I hate forcing myself to write.

I’d say the thing I find easiest is ideas; I am never short of plotlines and I currently have the blurbs and prologues of at least 15 books written.

#9 Q: What are some of your biggest Wattpad/writer pet peeves?

A: Gosh I have a lot, but the first is probably informal grammar and style. If a story begins with “My name is X and I have long, luscious blonde hair and baby blue eyes, oh and that guy over there with the smirk is Y, he is such a bad boy” I AM OUT! I cannot handle it at all. Also recycled storylines, I find that if you truly want to gain more reads/whatever if you truly love and are invested in the storyline, it is reflected through your work and people can see that. 

#10 Q: Outside of writing, what do you do? Do you see writing as a potential career for yourself?

A: I am currently a high school student looking to go into medicine but writing will forever remain a hobby for me that I will always love. I hope to publish something one day but who knows what the future holds??

#11 Q: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

A: Thank you so much for this interview and I just hope that anyone who reads my work knows how much it means to me and that they can talk to me whenever! I love what you’re doing with this blog and I hope to read more.

You can check out “Bed Warmer” on Aleisha’s profile @CometsOfMind on Wattpad.com.  She has other works posted as well, and of course if you haven’t got a Wattpad account feel free to make one and browse the thousands of other works on there! It’s free after all : )

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