About Chelsea

Hey, I’m Chelsea. I’m a twenty-year-old junior in college studying music therapy, and I’m a small-town girl in a big city.

Important things to know about me are that I love music, writing, eating, and adventuring. I’m a music major, and I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to learn a bunch of instruments in college like guitar, piano, etc. Writing is also important to me – the past few years I’ve been working on something that I hope to get published one day (that’s the dream!). I’m a huge foodie, and I like the city where I go to college, because there are so many different kinds of restaurants, food carts, and trucks to find, and they’re (usually) delicious. I’m also a big adventurer! Being from a small town originally, I grew up appreciating things like hiking, biking, and getting lost in corn fields.

A couple other random facts about me: I’ve been a barista at Starbucks for over a year now. I’ve been playing clarinet for over 10 years. I love animals, especially dogs. I like writing music with friends and putting it together in groups, like drum circles or bands. I’m a total night owl. My fridge is covered in take-out magnets (the employees at the Chili’s on campus have my order memorized, no joke). I’m a movie freak, and I know some movies line for line (I dare you to quote Mean Girls at me sometime, I’m a pro).

The YA genre is probably my favorite. I also enjoy other genres like science fiction, mystery, dystopian, adult/mature, non-fiction, spiritual, etc.

There are several ways to contact me – never feel awkward about doing it! Trust me, I’m probably more awkward than you, it’ll be a great ice breaker.

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