Review: Thirst No. 5 – Christopher Pike

This book just jumped all over the place. First, we have the plot line carried in from Thirst No.4, then we have Sita’s past popping up: her time in Auschwitz, the tale of Veronica, and Krishna. The beginning plot involving what happened in No. 4 seems to get lost somewhere in the middle, or at the very least, distorted. I may be mistaken, but its like the book just jumps from plotline to plotline in a very confusing and fast-paced manner.

While the multiple plotlines may have been hard to follow at times, I loved this book. I loved Sita’s view on HItler and WWII. I loved the action of Sita and the group being on the run. I loved the tale of Veronica and I loved the kind-of-out-there alien-things. I really couldn’t anticipate anything that had happened in THirst No. 5 based on the previous books, which I sort of like but get a little frustrated with. It seems Pike just keeps putting Sita in all these insane situations and plots and calls it a continuation. I have to admit, I am always surprised by the Thirst books and end up eagerly awaiting the next.

Overall: I adore the Thirst series and that includes this one, even if it does go a little wild. If you have read any of the books in this series, I would definitely encourage you to pick up the fifth book. If you haven’t, this is a series that will keep you hooked and guessing from the beginning. If you like fantasy, vampires or paranormal thrillers, this is a great series to consider!


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A post from Pike on his facebook page:

Thirst 5, everyone is writing me about Thirst 5. I’m really amazed most of you love it. Honestly, I thought this was the o…ne book where I’d lose half my audience. Still, the end shocked most of you and I know you want more. I wrote that ending, obviously, because I want more, too.
I have another trilogy about Sita all prepared — in my head. She has an important task left to complete before she can be with Krishna, and none of you will guess what it is. It only came to me recently. So obvious and yet so surprising. Once again, it happened late at night while I was driving back to Santa Barbara — like someone flipped on a movie reel in my head. I’m DYING to write this story.
But the choice is up to the publishers, not me.
The sales of Thirst 5 will decide the issue. To that end, if you can write a review for the book on Amazon and Goodreads I would appreciate it. I know many of you have and I’m grateful.

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