Review: Deadly Drive – Justine Korman Fontes

This book was a very fast read. There wasn’t much room for development, for the characters or plot. In a way, the the plot-line was similar to the crash that happened in the story, starts off a little slow, then before you know it, it’s over and you’re left wondering where the story went.

The main character, Rob, seems a little forced and often cold to what is happening. While the others, Gabi and Adam, are shocked and emotional. He seems to cope strangely well and has a clear mind while most people would ‘not really be there’ mentally, like Adam is.

I think the beginning is abrupt, as is most of the events in the story. I finished the book in an hour, as I said, its a very fast-paced book. There isn’t much background. The characters are hard to get a handle on, especially since everything goes by so quickly. This makes their reactions unauthentic and bit surprising.

Overall: I liked the message. I think it’s a good book for teenagers, especially those new to driving, to read this. It might give them a more personal and easy to relate to experience with the dangers of drunk driving. The plot and characters could have been developed more, but with what there is, the book is an enjoyable read with an important point. I would recommend to those who don’t particularly like long or complicated reads, as it is very simple and realistic.


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