Review: Between Here and Forever – Elizabeth Scott *Spoiler Alert*

I adored this book. Abby may be the most insecure character I’ve come across. She is constantly comparing herself to her older and ‘perfect’ sister, Tess. Abby is always putting herself down, seemingly unable to see herself clearly or positively, she is very pessimistic, especially when it comes to herself.

The story starts off with Tess being hospitilized after being in a car accident, she is in a coma. Abby can’t stop thinking about how she needs Tess to get better so that she can become her own person, without forever being compared to Tess. Then, Abby meets Eli at the hostpital and in Abby’s eyes, he’s the perfect match for Tess. She automatically assumes Tess would love him and proceeds to convince him to help her try to wake Tess. Eli becomes romantically interested in Abby. Everytime Eli shows interest in Abby, though, she runs.

*Spoiler* I mostly expected Tess would be revealed as gay. It was a bit ironic though, since Abby spends most of the book trying to wake her by having Eli speak to her.

Overall: I enjoyed this book. Abby may have been annoyingly insecure, but she grows to like herself a little more with Eli’s help. I liked how Tess wasn’t perfect after all, that she had flaws, keeping secrets being the biggest one. I also like that Scott shows that she should have been able to herself, that society made her feel she had to hide who she was, constantly covering the truth up with ‘perfection’. *End Spoiler*


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*Spoiler Alert: Do not listen to the song below, or even look, if you don’t want to know about the spoiler!*

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4 thoughts on “Review: Between Here and Forever – Elizabeth Scott *Spoiler Alert*

  1. Ooo, I like this book too. This is the first time I’ve come across anyone else who has read it. I had totally forgotten about the spoiler… and most of the book, but I remember now. I loved that Tess’ coma wasn’t resolved at the end of the book. I think if she had woken up OR died it would have been an overshot. I felt like it was perfect.


    1. I agree! Tess waking up would have taken away from the story. Not everyone book should have a happy ending.


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