Review: Elixir – Hilary Duff!

I was sort of excited to start reading Elixir because I have always been a fan of Hilary Duff, but sadly, Elixir was a bit of a disappointment. The storyline was… cliché… I hate to say it because almost all storylines are, in some way, cliché, but in Elixir is was very obvious. It was hard to get rid of the nagging feeling that the plotline was overdone and unoriginal.

I didn’t really like the way the story was told, either. I felt like the main character, Clea, over-thought everything. This isn’t usually a problem. I am personally a fan of over-thinking, but when the over-thinking is a paragraph full of questions it gets to be annoying. Again, this wouldn’t really be a problem either… had it not been done so many times over so many things, some of them very insignificant.

I did like Clea and could identify with her at times, which is always good. The characters were very likable, aside from her best friend Rayna (I found her annoying with her obsession with romance and soulmates).

Overall: I think this story could have been much, much better had the plot not been so dragged on throughout the first half of the book. The way it was written gets annoying and I disliked it very much. The plot was unoriginal and at times I felt like I should have been watching a cheesy movie rather than reading a book- I feel like the plot would have worked as a cheesy movie much better than it did for this book. I would not recommend this book to anyone picky about their books-anyone who likes original plots and amazing writing- but if you’re just looking for a light read with cute characters and a paranormal romance, give it a try.


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2 thoughts on “Review: Elixir – Hilary Duff!

  1. That’s a shame! I really like Hilary Duff after growing up watching her on screen, so I was excited to hear she wrote a book. I haven’t read it though, and after your review, maybe I won’t. Do you think you’ll try any other books of hers?


    1. I’m thinking about reading the next in the series, Devoted, to see if it improves. I don’t think she has any other books out other than the ones a part of this series. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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