Review: Looking For Alaska – John Green

So, if you read my blog regularly, you probably know that I absolutely love John Green’s books! So, of course, I loved Looking For Alaska!

Miles (Pudge) decides to go to Culver Creek Boarding School in search of his “Great Perhaps”, but instead he meets the Colonel, Alaska, Takumi, and Lara. Four friends that will change his life, but mostly Alaska. Alaska is wild, moody, and beautiful, and she has secrets that keep her a mystery.

As you read, you’re stuck in a countdown, starting at 136 days before, that leads to the heartbreaking climax. Then, as Pudge deals with the tragedy, the Colonel and him search for answers to why and what.

The countdown only adds to the anticipation as you grow to love not only Pudge, but all of the characters, even the Eagle- who may ruin their plans occasionally, but only means well. Not to mention the hilarious and awkward scenes, especially the pranks!

Overall: You may have already guessed that I adore this book! If you like books that deal with real issues and believable teenage characters, I would strongly recommend this book to you. Warning: this book may induce tears, laughs, giggles, and enlightening moments!


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