Review: Taken – Erin Bowman

This review is fairly difficult to write because there’s so many things, important plot point or characters, that can easily be spoiled. So, I’ll try to not spoil anything important.

Imagine living in a town, Claysoot, the only town that exists to your knowledge, surrounded by walls. These walls are dangerous. To climb over would mean death. No boy grows to be older, not even by a day, than eighteen years. They are all lost to the Heist. On their eighteenth birthday there’s a ceremony with a feast to prepare for his Heist. At midnight, he is taken. Disappears. People mourn, but move on. This has become normal. Natural. It just happens.

Claysoot is rural. There’s no technology, no factories, phones, or even indoor pluming. They don’t even know what technology is.

Then there’s Clay, who’s brother is Heisted. Clay is stubborn, impulsive, and always follows his gut, and this often leads to him getting into trouble. Clay is a very likable character, if not at first, and it’s obvious he has a good heart and good intentions. He’s always searching for answers, and this is what sets the plot in motion.

Overall: I liked Taken, but I didn’t think it was great. It was entertaining, if nothing else. I felt like several of the events were too much of a coincidence, or just plain luck, which is unbelievable, especially if it happens multiple times. There were too many secrets. I felt like there was always something to be learned, something being kept secret, which is okay, but too many becomes tedious and very, very annoying.

I especially didn’t like the love triangle (not going to name names for the sake of avoiding spoilers). It was very random, didn’t add anything special to the plot. If anything, it made me dislike Clay and err… Emma (I guess naming Emma isn’t too much of a spoiler) a little more. It was more annoying than anything.

As for the setting, I really liked the world, with all its problems. It wasn’t the most realistic, but it was very intriguing and somewhat complicated. It was easy to understand (once give all the details, finally!) and I always felt like I had a pretty clear picture of where they were, and what was happening.

Overall, Taken isn’t amazing, but it is an interesting read. If you’re a fan of dystopia, then you’d probably like it.


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7 thoughts on “Review: Taken – Erin Bowman

  1. Thanks for warning us! I wasn’t sure whether or not to read this one. It’s another one I’ve kind of been on the fence about. Too many coincidences? Mmm, I’m not sure if I want to read it. Thanks for the review!


    1. Yeah, it felt like so many situations were too unbelievable, like those ‘wow, you got lucky’ moments. Anyway, it was interesting, despite its flaws. 🙂 Thanks for commenting!


  2. This sounds interesting and I do love dystopia and scifi (and YA) but I probably won’t be reading this one. It sounds like a more ‘teeny’ version of a book I already love. Which is The Knife of Never Letting Go. It has a very similar premise, but the execution is frakin great.


      1. Oh, it didn’t sound awful. It just sounded like that book I already love that came out years ago and you weren’t exactly raving about it haha. You should put The Knife of Never Letting Go on your list. It’s the first in the very well done Chaos Walking trilogy.


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