Review: Reality Boy – A.S. King

It was so hard to hold back tears while reading Reality Boy. It wasn’t exactly sad, but it was heartbreaking at times. Gerald has had a tough life, an awful childhood that really screwed him up, and no one seems to care or take notice.

Gerald is an extremely angry character. He’s violent. He’s famous for it. Or rather, as he puts it, infamous. His childhood, psycho-sister and cold mother and all, was watched by millions. He was the victim of a reality TV show, Network Nanny, and the whole world saw everything but the truth.

Reality Boy has nothing to look forward to except getting away from his sister and his mother. The way he sees it, jail is the most likely place he’ll end up. College or a real job doesn’t seem like a possibility, at least, not until he meets Register Girl #1, aka Hannah, and he starts to demand things again. He starts to want what he thought he could never have. And it’s finally becoming clear that it’s not impossible for him to get these things.

Overall: I related so much to this book, and I’m not even sure why. It was so honest, so touching. I felt really close to Gerald, especially as he starts to realize that he’s right, and that there’s nothing wrong with him, but rather his family is the real problem. I felt like a proud aunt when he finally got what he deserved, when he finally starts to let himself be happy. I recommend this book to everyone. I think there’s a part of this book that everyone can relate to, whether it’s Gerald’s family issues, his anger management, or his and Hannah’s relationship. This book was so real.



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