Review: Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

First, I couldn’t believe I waited so long to read Scarlet. Now, I wish I’d waited longer, because now I have to wait to read Cress! However, it’s only a few more months, so I guess I can stick it out. ; D

I’ve probably said this before, but I don’t like science fiction very much. Just never been into that genre, but I loved Cinder, and I loved Scarlet even more!

the characters

I was a little surprised by Scarlet’s relationship with Wolf, but in a very good way. Though, I was confused and conflicted at parts, but more on that later.

Scarlet introduced a new main character in the series, Scarlet Benoit, who lives with her grandmother on a farm in France, but her grandmother has gone missing, and soon into the story we learn that the police are giving up on looking for Grandma Benoit, saying she either committed suicide or ran away, but Scarlet knows that her grandmere would never do that, and is determined to find her.

Enter Wolf, a supposed street-fighter who has never heard of carrots or tomatoes, let alone ate one until Scarlet pushed him to. To put it plainly, Wolf is a questionable character who seems to be tough and dangerous, possibly even untrustworthy, but at the same time has a soft spot for Scarlet and can be kind and sweet. I was rooting for Wolf from basically the start, though the logical  part of me was not totally convinced of his loyalty to Scarlet. I was utterly disappointed when he wasn’t the same sweet guy on the train, yet felt like I should have seen it coming. Then, at the end, I both wanted Scarlet to welcome Wolf back warmly but, again, my logical side was like, “What are you doing?” because, he was completely blameless for some bad stuff. (I love my vocabulary when I’m trying to be vague and not spoil important parts: stuff.) All faults considered, Wolf was pretty swoon-worthy!

Cinder doesn’t seem as potent in Scarlet, which makes sense, so we only get glimpses into what’s going on with her. We start with Cinder in prison, and trying to escape. During that process she comes across a Cadet, self-proclaimed Captain, named Thorne. At first, for some unknown reasons, I pictured him as old and slightly insane, but then I realized he was only a few years older than Cinder and, well, maybe he was a little insane. Thorne and Cinder’s relationship is nothing short of hilarious, and slightly flirtatious, though nothing seriously romantic, which is good because I’m still rooting for Emperor Kai and Cinder to end up together. *crosses fingers*

the plot

I think this is the first fairy tale retelling that I’ve actually enjoyed. Or at least can remember. I thought Cinder was genius, amazing, and crazy. In a good way, of course. So, I thought Scarlet was ten times all those things. It was seriously fantastic. I like how instead of ‘the wolf’ being the true bad guy, Meyer sort of mixed things up a bit. For a while, I actually thought Wolf was a wolf, like possibly a werewolf, but then I remember that this wasn’t paranormal/fantasy, and that it was science fiction. So there was a more scientific explanation for his… wolfiness?

I was so happy when I realized that Thorne wasn’t actually going to become a romantic interest for Cinder, because I kind of thought that might happen based on the blurb and the few things I’ve read about it, so I was SO relieved to find out he wasn’t. A love-triangle would have sucked.

My favorite thing about this series is that it’s so much more than just a fairy tale being retold. It’s much more complicated than that. It feels like the story is only JUST starting to begin, even though it’s the second book in the series. It’s like Cinder was the introduction to the world and showing that spark that was threatening to explode between Luna and Earth, and then in Scarlet, we see actually start to explode, but only slightly, and now Emperor Kai is trying to put it out. This series is so much bigger than the characters, it’s made itself about their world, and it’s actually realistic, even though it’s science fiction.

For someone with little insight to politics and that sort of stuff (me!) it gives a very interesting perspective on how these planets and countries communicate and deal with each other, while trying to maintain peace and keep everyone satisfied, especially a dictator like Queen Levana who won’t be satisfied.

I feel like I’m not effectively explaining my feelings with this. Anyway, to keep it short, I LOVE THIS SERIES. I am so excited to read Cress, I can hardly wait.

Cinder, Scarlet, Cress by Marissa Meyer


6 thoughts on “Review: Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed this one! I liked Cinder well enough and really want to start on my copy of Scarlet now that I have read your review. Thorne and Wolf sound like amazing characters!


  2. I absolutely LOVE this series, too!! And you’re so right, we’re stuck waiting for Cress (grrrr). I’m going to have to re-read Scarlet again b/c Cinder and Thorne were just too funny! And I really liked Scarlet a lot!!!

    I loved your voice in your review – awesomely written!!!


    1. I’m not sure I’ll re-read the series anytime soon, but it’s one of my favorites! At least the release date for Cress isn’t too far away! Thank you for commenting, and thanks for the compliment!


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