Top Ten Things On My Reading Wishlist

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted over at The Broke and The Bookish

This topic is fairly difficult for me and I’m not sure why. I don’t realize the things I want to read about until I’ve already read about them. For example, I was never interested in zombie books until I read Warm Bodies and lately I’ve been looking for good books about zombies, but before reading Warm Bodies, I wouldn’t have given zombies as single thought.

This week is the Top Ten Eight Things On My Reading Wishlist:

      1. Zombie books that aren’t about zombies. Okay, I know this doesn’t make sense, or maybe it does, but I want to read a book that’s set in an apocalyptic setting with zombies, only I don’t want the zombies to be the main focus. The book could be about growing up, or reconnecting with friends, or finding love, or anything, but with zombies in the background. I don’t just want to read something about the characters surviving or fighting or something bloody, though that can be a minor detail in the overall book. It’s things like this that make me question my own sanity.
      2. A book set in a really cold place. I can’t remember the last time I read a book that wasn’t set in a warm climate, unless it was the middle of winter. I want to read a book where it’s cold all year round.
      3. A book that is all irony all the time. It can be ironic in a funny way or a sad way, but irony doesn’t seem to be that big of an element in books anymore, which sucks because I love irony. I think I’d really like to read a comedy that features a lot of irony.
      4. A book that is all about falling out of love, not in love. Sort of like the opposite of romance, or maybe a backwards romance. Usually books are about a character falling in love, or maybe the MC falls out of love only fall in love again, but I want to read about a character who falls out of love, and stays out of love, at least for the span of the book. Love is an important part of life, but I think books focus on it a little too much, so this would be a refreshing way to read about it, I think.
      5. A book that is set from the perspective of something nonhuman, but with human-like qualities. We humans (at least I assume whoever is reading this is human) are incredibly egotistical. We think we’re the superior species, and we probably are (<- see, point proven), so I’d like to read a book that maybe ridicules this by having a different species, whether it’s a fantasy one or one that already exists, like maybe dogs or an insect, who see us the way we see other species. I mean, we think very little of creatures such as spiders and slugs, but imagine if we switched roles. I think it’d make for a very interested and weird book. I’m pretty sure there’s probably a book out there like this, so if you happen to know of one l free to enlighten me… 🙂
      6. A YA book that focuses on a mother/daughter relationship. It’s been so long since I’ve read a book that had a strong relationship between a mother and daughter, or even a daughter/father, etc. Often, it feels like parents are completely forgotten in the YA genre or play very small roles.
      7. A contemporary romance that doesn’t involve drama. I love dramatic books, I do, but sometimes a very sweet and light romance is nice, too.
      8. A book set on a boat. Like in the end of the movie 50 First Dates where the entire family lives on a boat. I just think it’d be a fun to read about, and I’ve never come across a book like this before, so it’d be new to me, too.

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Things On My Reading Wishlist

  1. I have never read a book about Zombies, not even a graphic novel. I might give The Walking a Dead graphic novels a try.
    I don’t know much about irony but both Beauty Queens by Libba Bray and the Jessica Darling series by Megan McCafferty are great books for satire.
    Also, I haven’t read of Life of Pi but it is set on a boat and might be worth a try.


    1. Beauty Queens has been something I’ve wanted to read for a while, I just have made the commitment by buying it yet, so maybe I’ll get around to it soon. I’d recommend Warm Bodies, if you’re looking for a zombie book. It’s my favorite, but it can be a little crude. I’m not sure if Life of Pi is what I’m looking for in a book about someone living on a boat, since I think he’s more trapped and struggling for survival than just living on a boat for the fun of it, but thanks for the recommendation. 🙂 Thanks for commenting!


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