Top Ten Favorite Movies or TV Shows

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted over at The Broke and The Bookish

I LOVE this topic! Aside from reading, I spend quite a bit of time obsessing over movies and TV shows! I thought I’d share my top five movies AND shows. 🙂

This week is Top Ten Favorite Movies or TV Shows:

Top Five Movies:


Grease has been my favorite movie since I was a little kid. I remember first watching it with my Grandma, and since then it’s been a fav! It’s kind of funny watching now that I’m older. I’m realizing there’s a lot of parts, lines, lyrics, or scenes, that I didn’t understand when I used to watch it repeatedly as an 8 year old!


This movie was absolutely AMAZING. The book was equally amazing, despite any changes, and both have become favorites! Charlie still tugs at my heart every time I even think about The Perks of Being A Wallflower! Very emotional!


This is another movie I grew up watching with my Grandma. Dancing, romance, and Patrick Swayze? How could this not be one of my favorite movies! Again, having watched it now that I’m older, there’s a lot that makes more sense now than it did when I was younger, but it’s remained one of my favorites!


Selena was a very emotional, inspiring, and fun movie based on the singer’s life and career. Once again, another movie my Grandma introduced me to as a child (she’s had quite the influence on me if you haven’t already noticed :D) and since my first time seeing it I’ve always been fascinated with Selena and her life. So sad she went the way she did!


I first saw this movie one night at around 3AM on TV and I was so moved by the girl’s friendships and the coming-of-age tale. It stuck with me since that night and now I can’t pass up watching it every time I notice that it’s on TV. Very cute tale of friendship and growing up!

Top Five TV Shows:


The Walking Dead was something I was VERY reluctant to watch, but I eventually gave in and watched an episode on Netflix. Then another. And then the whole first season. All in one night. After that, I was hooked! This show is SO much more than just Zombies. It’s about survival, human nature, and morality.


Total credit goes to Tumblr for getting me hooked on Supernatural. Of course, when I first started watching this show, I was convinced it was about Castiel and Dean’s love and the occasional monster. Oh and a moose. Since then, I’ve seen every episode and now know that the show is actually about Sam & Dean’s struggles with hunting and all that comes with the life they were raised into. (If you saw season 9’s finale-OMG it was both unexpected and predictable but I sat there with my mouth hanging open anyway!)

I started watching The Vampire Diaries on a whim on Netflix awhile ago and haven’t stopped. I’m honestly a little bored with the plot in the recent season, but THAT ENDING for the Season 5 finale! The CW is actually trying to kill me with these finales.


My mom has been watching Grey’s Anatomy for years, but I only started watching it about a year ago and marathoned it ALL over the span of like three months. I haven’t seen the latest season yet but I’m a bit wary to watch it after hearing about Yang’s leaving!


I’m currently on Season 5 of Lost. I’ve been marathoning it on Netflix and I have to say it was not what I was expecting when I decided to watch it! I was expecting more survival, wilderness-like stuff, but instead I was bombarded with sci-fi and time-travel… not that I’m complaining. But I’m still not over them killing off Boon (Ian Somerhalder).

What are some of your favorite Movies & TV shows?

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Favorite Movies or TV Shows

    1. I highly recommend this show! The eye-candy is pretty great, but the show itself is worth watching, too! Although, at times it is a bit crazy! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cried over this show or how many conversations I’ve had discussing the latest episodes with friends! Thanks for commenting! 🙂


  1. What a wonderful list of movies and shows! The only movie on your list I haven’t watched yet is Perks. I have really been wanting to watch it since I really liked the book when I read it years ago.
    And I haven’t watched much of Lost yet, only the first few episodes.
    Great picks!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! 😀


    1. Thanks so much! Perks is honestly so good. I can enjoy just about any movie, no matter how crappy it is, but this one was truly amazing! I thought the first few episodes of Lost weren’t the best. I always felt like throwing up because of how shaking the camera was. I’ve gotten used to it now, but there’s a lot I still find a bit questionable about this show! No problem and thanks for commenting! 🙂


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