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Topic: Quirks

I’m not sure if I have any ‘quirks.’ I’m not even sure if I know what quirks are, but based on what google told me, I came up with a few things I felt were somewhat quirky. But who knows, maybe they’re not quirky at all

I stalk celebrities on Wikipedia. Not in a creepy way. Like I don’t look up their addresses or the location of their birth. Well, not always anyway. I mean, there are a few particular people in a few particular bands that I happen to know those things about.

But seriously, I can’t sit through a whole movie without being tempted to look it up on Wikipedia and see if I recognize the actors or to see what other movies they’re in. Same goes for certain bands or TV shows. It’s a bit weird, I think.

I have an irrational belief that just because I saw one or two spiders/bugs in a room there must be a billion more hiding and waiting to “get me.” If you read any of my latest update posts, you’d know that one of my biggest fears is spiders and bugs. Scratch that. Spiders and bugs are the biggest fear I have. I haven’t slept in my own bed in a month because I saw a bunch of baby spiders in there.

We were supposed to have an exterminator come on July 16th but the date got pushed back to August. I was furious. I miss my bed. Of course, the whole avoiding my room thing is on me and my crazy fears.

I like to listen to music in the dark or while in a car looking out a window. Otherwise I feel like I’m not actually listening and hearing it. It’s like the music is louder and clearer. More beautiful. I don’t know. I’m a freak. I even tend to get annoyed by music when I listen to it during other conditions.

I often stay up for longer than 24 hours and then feel motivated to do like twelve hundred things but end up too exhausted to even finish one or two of those things. Just yesterday was one of those days. Stayed up till four a.m. planning a bunch of things to do that day and then crashed at like five and didn’t wake up till two in the afternoon. I’m a mess.

I’m sure I do a bunch of abnormal things that some people might consider ‘quirks’ but these were the only ones that really came to mind.

What quirks do you have?

4 thoughts on “Life of a Blogger: Quirks

  1. I had to laugh because clearly I wasn’t the only one not sure about my quirks 😉 I so agree with the bugs thing! At the apartment I lived in before this one I went to my bed one night and found a roach in it! I freaked the eff out. We are clean people – you could eat off our floors seriously – but our neighbors were so dirty. And my bed doesn’t have a box spring or frame, so it was on the floor. But after seeing that roach I didn’t sleep in my bed for a solid month either. So I feel your pain!


    1. I think quirks are more something you notice about OTHER people than yourself. It was fun thinking about this topic though. Ah, I would have cried. My grandma had the same problem with her neighbors, but she just ended up moving.


    1. Whoa! You somehow ended up in my spam! Ack! Akismet has been having some issues lately, I think! I have no idea how I do it! I usually don’t even feel tired unless I lay down or sit down for a while. I end up super happy and hyper. Like, blabberingly hyper. 😀 Thanks for stopping by!


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