What Does Your Favorite Genre Say About You

There’s a saying that goes, “You are what you eat” but I thought maybe it could apply to reading too. “You are what you read.” I mean, this phrase could probably be applied to several things, for example:Screen-shot-2011-10-31-at-6.06.32-PM

“You are what you watch.” Meaning, if you watch Once Upon A Time, you are most definitely a magical fairytale character.


“You are what you listen to.” Oh gosh, my mother is secretly rapper who likes to wear glittery gold full-body suits. She’s also Lorde, but only sometimes.

If You Read…

you must be longing for love. You have many guilty pleasures and this genre is one of them. Also, you have an amazing ability to not giggle during intimate scenes that sometimes use silly phrases.

you must be living an incredibly dull life, so much so that you want to escape yours in exchange for someone else’s dull life. You are very normal and you like it that way. By normal, I mean a total freak in disguise.

you must be into weird, unrealistic things, like magic. Which, of course, is not normal, and you think there’s nothing better than to not be normal. You probably fantasize about all the different worlds and imagine you’re apart of them because you have a deep hatred for real life.

You dream of making crowds laugh. And for the awkward silences after your jokes to stop. You wish you were funny, but you’re not, so you live vicariously through the humor genre. I’m totally not of a part of this category. Cause’, obviously, I’m hilarious.

You’re pretty boring. You like old, outdated things. You wonder why you were born in this era and desperately dream to wake up in a time before yours. Maybe you’d be much more successful or awesome a few thousand years ago… but we both know how unlikely that is.

You like to try and solve other people’s problems to block out the fact that you can’t solve your own. Like the fact that your dog poops on the floor every night no matter what you do. Or that you always seem to step in it on accident, anyway. But, of course, you do realize that you aren’t the one who solves the problems, since the author always gives it away at the end, whether you’re figure it out or not.

Okay, well maybe not.

Okay, obviously, this was entirely sarcastic. But just in case some of you miss that because I’m actually pretty awful at sarcasm, keep in mind that my intentions are to point out how silly it is to judge people based on what they read, not to offend anyone. Also, while this post was intended to by humorous, I’ll admit I’m not the funniest person, so hopefully, you take away the message, anyway.

A few months ago I read a post by Tara at Strive For Learning called If a Book is Well Written, It Shouldn’t  Matter the Genre which was a response to a post on Slate called Against YA: Read whatever you want. But you should feel embarrassed when what you’re reading was written for children.

Immediately after reading Tara’s post, I headed over to read the other post. I was enraged! For a while I felt like I needed to respond to the post, too, since I felt so strongly about it, but I wasn’t sure how, until I got the idea for this post. So yeah, I’m a little late for this news, but who cares.

Let me know what you think of the article, if you read it. Which I recommend you don’t, if you don’t want to be enraged or insulted (if you do, in fact, read YA and are an adult). 

Keep Calm & Don't Judge
Keep Calm & Don’t Judge


10 thoughts on “What Does Your Favorite Genre Say About You

  1. /deep deep breaths/ *tries best not to explode in caps lock and exclamation marks*
    I just returned from reading that Slate article, and even though I’m a teenager, I am still deeply offended and don’t understand Ruth Graham’s points. Especially when she ranted about how when heroes in YA books die, it’s “satisfying” but apparently that death in her latest adult novel wasn’t….. The author of that book seems pretty judgmental, as Tara at Strive For Learning pointed out.

    I’ve never considered YA as books targeted for a certain age range, I’ve thought of them as books with a protagonist within a certain age range–12 to perhaps 20 ish. But regardless, your age should not determine what you read. Reading YA fiction doesn’t make you any LESS of an adult, but frankly, shaming others for the type of book they like to read does.

    Sorry if I sounded a bit angry up there, obviously it’s not directed at you, haha. Very entertaining post, I understood the sarcasm just fine 🙂


  2. LOL, I tried to read the article but it’s not my kind of sarcastic and, yeah, I believe there are different kinds of sarcastic. LOL Hmm, yeah I get the ‘don’t judge people by what they read’ point and I actually never do. Like, because I read lesbian themed books, does that mean I’m gay? No it doesn’t. Same thing with Comics, doesn’t that mean I’m a neard? YES. LOL, just kidding. 😉


  3. love love love!! I try to read all the genres (except romance, you know, because I don’t want to fall in love) neither humor ’cause I don’t want anyone challenge my hilarity

    kidding! xD

    Amazing post!


  4. “Oh gosh, my mother is secretly rapper who likes to wear glittery gold full-body suits. She’s also Lorde, but only sometimes.”

    Hahahaha this is hilarious, I love it! My mom would be the same 😛

    But just in general this post is awesome 🙂 I’m definitely a fan of the sarcasm!


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