Is There A Person Behind That Blog?


I recently visited a blog and after reading some of the posts, I was curious about the author. Unfortunately, there was no ‘About’ page. I couldn’t find the author’s name ANYWHERE. Not in the posts, sidebar, or other pages. I found it a bit strange, but I can understand that some people want their privacy, so I didn’t push any farther. However it made me think about how I allow my readers to know me, and how other bloggers introduce themselves. It made me think is there a person behind that blog?

Do you talk about yourself?

When you write posts or reviews, do you include any details about your life? Do you mention your dog, husband, sister, mother, etc? Do you talk about what you had for breakfast or the errands you might have had?

I don’t talk too much about myself in that way. I include info about school sometimes or my family, and small details like that, and I think that’s enough to make things personal without sharing anything that could potentially come back to bite me, so to speak.

Do you share your name and other little details about yourself.

Obviously, I do share my name. It’s in my about page and it’s included when I make posts, comments, and even comment on other people’s blogs. I think it’s important to share your name to make a better connection with readers and other bloggers. It makes it easier to be remembered, too.

I personally like to refer to the author(s) of a blog when mentioning them or their blog, rather than always using their blog’s title.

I also like when hobbies or jobs and things like that are talked about or mentioned. It makes bloggers seem more like people rather than just… well, a blog. It makes other bloggers more relatable.

What does your About page look like? Is it all business or is it personal?

I think both ways are great, depending on the needs of the blogger. Mine is more personal. It talks about why I started blogging, who I am, a few of my favorite things, and stuff like that.

I think it makes it more interested than a little description of my blog, one that is most likely pretty self-explanatory. For other blogs, this may be different.

Do your readers know your age and general location?

If you read my about page or my posts, you know that I’m only seventeen and that I live in Michigan, but I don’t think this information is important.

It might give better idea of why you write the way you do, or the things you write about. Sometimes, even the opinions you have are affected by this information. However, it’s not very important for your readers to know this, I think.

I do find that it is interesting to know, though.

What do you think? What parts about yourself do you share publicly? Do you think this is important to connect with your readers?

14 thoughts on “Is There A Person Behind That Blog?

  1. We do share some personal aspects on our book blogs – like our general location where we live (the major city near us), our names, our photos doing bookish things, our pets if they are posed with books, etc. It is hard to connect with a blog online if you don’t feel some kind of kinship with the author, right?


  2. I always try to be a little personal on my blog. If I am not myself, nobody will ever love my blog. I used to keeps my personal life at arms length but I got over it and started sharing my experiences. It brings you closer to your readers and it’s loads of fun.

    The about page is my favorite place in a blog. IDK why? but it’s what I check out first. HAHA


  3. I added an about page after reading a blog post (don’t remember where) about the importance of one. I agree that it’s important to be at least a little personal, and pictures are always cool, to see who you’re “talking” to. Plus, everyone’s little quirks and details make it all a lot more fun. Great question.


    1. I think I had an about page from the start- since I’d seen them on many of the blogs I read before I began my own. I think it’s definitely more fun knowing about the author of blogs. The same goes for book authors, I think. Thanks for commenting! 🙂


  4. I hate it when you can’t find ANY information about a blogger on a blog…it makes it feel so impersonal and honestly kind of uninviting. I don’t like to get SUPER personal on my blog, but I do share little bits about myself here and there, and my name and general location are available, too. I’m of the mind that the more a blogger shares, the better! Obviously some stuff is crossing the line, but I like to know about the lives of the bloggers I follow 🙂 Plus then you can find out if you have stuff in common with other people (besides books haha) and maybe become better friends!


  5. I don’t actively look for an About page, but for some reason you can always tell when it’s not there! I think it’s important to share at least some information on who is behind the blog, otherwise everything feels very impersonal.


    1. I usually don’t either, at least not right away. If I really like a blog, the about page is something I usually go to after checking out most of their recent posts. Thanks for commenting! 🙂


  6. Hi! I’m from Michigan too (but now that I think of it, i don’t think that’s mentioned anywhere on my blog…) 😀

    I have a small little blurb in the sidebar, but I don’t have a page dedicated to myself. Instead, I reveal a little bit about myself in each of my posts– sometimes in the reviews, sometimes in a blogger confession. I don’t normally go out of the way to do it– just if it seems natural. It’s a book blog, not a lifestyle blog, but since books are so much apart of me, it’s hard to keep things purely objective, you know? And maybe every once in a while, I might post an update on my life. Like if I’ve experienced a major change that I’m really excited about.


    1. I understand. As long as you share about yourself /somewhere/ it doesn’t make it seem impersonal, I think. And I think that’s a great way to share, with pieces in posts, rather than all in one place. I thought about adding my ‘about’ bit into the sidebar, but it didn’t really work for what I wanted. Thanks for commenting! 🙂


  7. I actually don’t like people knowing my age because I don’t want them to underestimate me if they sense I’m too young, you know? So I keep that private. I don’t mind when blog authors don’t give their real name but I do appreciate to read a person about me page so I feel more connected and welcome on the blog. 😛


    1. I think being young and having a (totally awesome) blog is amazing. It might just be because I am also young, but I wouldn’t judge a blogger based on his or her age, and I would underestimate them. I do understand your concern, though. I don’t mind if an blogger doesn’t want to share too much. I don’t want any of my blog readers to know me in real life, at least not at this point. I expect a certain amount of privacy, but I also like to make my blog personal. If that makes any sense LOL. Thanks for commenting! 🙂


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