Typos & Autocorrect And Why I Hate Both (Sometimes)


I have a love-hate relationship with typos & autocorrect, I’m not gonna lie.

That sounds crazy doesn’t it? Let me explain.

One: they’re hilarious. When I accidentally send a message with a typo, I crack up. Maybe I’m insane, but I just find them SO amusing.


I tried to find some examples through google, but honestly, they were all much too inappropriate, I couldn’t even consider posting them here. All well. I did end up laughing so loud my mom made me leave the room because she couldn’t hear Rookie Blue (it’s the finale, I think).

Second: They make me sound like an idiot. Especially when they end up in a blog post. Messages with friends are totally different because it’s not supposed to be formal or correct all the time (hello, no one spells things out anymore).

If I spot a typo in a post, I feel instant terror until I fix it and update the post. If it’s been up for a while before I notice, I die a bit inside.

The worst part? I ALWAYS read through my posts several times before publishing them. And I use a spell-checker. Yet, those nasty little typos always find their way into my posts.

I would say I have a pretty crappy spell-checker (and some pretty bad eyes, too), except that the only ones the get through are the ones that are real words, just not the RIGHT word I intended to write. Yeah, I have no excuse for my bad eyes, though. :/

So, this is a pretty useless post, but I just felt like sharing so…

What’s your take on typos and autocorrect? Do they annoy you? Do you find them funny, like I do?

8 thoughts on “Typos & Autocorrect And Why I Hate Both (Sometimes)

  1. Sometimes I like them, too, because they can be very funny! But only if it’s a text…not a mistake in a blog post! I hate that so much. Or, even worse, a review. I’m always worried that people will have seen and judged me…like I was too stupid to get it right the first time or something. But I’m sure nobody thinks that! I just really hate typos. Especially because I’m a copyeditor for my job, so it’s definitely something I take seriously.


  2. I love autocorrect. 🙂 Sometimes it’s annoying because they don’t let me write word (on my tablet especially) but mostly it’s a blessing ahah because I write my reviews on Word and they save me a lot of time, not that I make mistakes constently lol. 😛


    1. I used to write my reviews on Word but I have the proofreading on my site now, so it makes it easier to write in the editor. LOL I hate when autocorrect won’t let you write certain words- and it’s especially funny to me because I just got a new phone and the autocorrect was in spanish and it kept changing my english words to spanish ones and I don’t speak spanish and it was just awful. I just figured out how to change it to english.


  3. Totally agreed! I especially hate it when I don’t spot a typo in a school assignment until right before I have to turn it in, because I always have a mini spaz attack xD
    I can catch other peoples’ spelling and grammar mistakes pretty easily, but I never see my own; I think my mind just automatically fixes it for me, so I don’t notice.


    1. Yes! I am the same way. And I think my mind does the same thing, because I am always missing simple mistakes of my own, but I can spot someone else’s mistake so easily.


  4. Not at all a useless post. My relationship with autocorrect is just hate. I’d rather just finish the words on my own. I’m perfectly capable of embarrassing myself without electronic help. With spell check something of mutual respect.


    1. I think I’ve actually become WORSE at spelling since autocorrect became a thing, so I think it might be a good idea for to turn it off for a bit. I just get so used to it doing all the work. Thanks for commenting!


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