Review: Ode to the Queen by Kyleigh Castronaro

the plot

The concept is AMAZING. Greek Gods reincarnated in the modern-day characters? Yes, please!

Savannah is on her way to study at the University of Athens when she’s swooped away by Atlas, a self-proclaimed Titan who tells her she’s the vessel for one of the Greek Goddesses. At first, she doesn’t believe him, but all too quickly it seems like she gives in to what he’s telling her and just goes with it.

I felt like that wasn’t very realistic, since, if I was kidnapped and told these things… well, I would have put up one hell of a fight to get away, not even giving him the chance to explain or try to convince me. Obviously, that wouldn’t have worked in favor of the plot, if Savannah did those things, but I think she should have at least tried to get away a bit harder. To make it more believable, if nothing else.

The plot holds suspense for most of the book leading up to some big showdown that the characters are suspecting, but aren’t really concerned about it until it happens. I felt like there could have been a bigger build up, but the story focused more on the characters’ romance and relationships with each other, which I didn’t mind all that much..

the characters

The chemistry between characters was soooo good, when they weren’t contradicting themselves, of course. All the characters seemed to be bipolar toward each other and it was confusing, but it works since the characters are living with two souls: their own and their god’s or goddess’. I rooted for Aiden and Savannah, but also I disliked both of them at times because of their extreme personalities, and the way they quickly changed from being one way to another.

Savannah seemed to bounce back and forth between believing and not believing, especially when it came to her goddess. It was like she believed, but told people she didn’t, and then all of a sudden she embraced it, but it felt like she sort had been embracing her goddess from the start. I may have thought too much into it, though.

However, the bouncing back and forth thing was common for Savannah, in my opinion. She bounced back and forth between being insecure and weak and feeling powerful and independent, which I can understand that you might feel both of those things depending on different situations, but I just felt like she was constantly doubting herself only to think of herself as better than everyone else the next minute.

Confused Gif
The characters could be a bit confusing at times…

Aiden, Savannah’s love interest, was pretty much the same as Savannah when it came to their unstable personalities. One minute he was sweet and open with her, and then the next he just ignored her and was really, really rude. I had trouble liking him and kept wondering why in the world Savannah was even into him, up until around the end when he won me over. I personally would never want to be with someone like Aiden, but in the end he and Savannah worked pretty well.

Charlotte, Savannah’s enemy, was infuriating and hard to understand. I never really understood her motives, but I still managed to strongly dislike her. She tormented Savannah for the throne- and maybe Aiden’s attention, too, but I’m not sure if that part was authentic for her.

Valentina doesn’t show up until the very end, and it was very abrupt. I felt like she should have been introduced earlier in the story to make her friendship with Savannah seem more realistic, but she was still likable and totally adorable! The sequel follows her story, I believe, so I look forward to reading about her.


The writing was really great, but it felt somewhat unorganized. It was easy enough to follow, but I feel like it could have been better. It felt like the characters kept contradicting themselves, or like scenes didn’t flow as well together as they could have. All in all, Ode To The Queen was captivating, even if it got a bit confusing at times.

Would I recommend it? If you are very picky about what you read and have trouble overlooking some of the issues I mentioned, leave this book alone. Otherwise, Ode to the Queen was suspenseful,  had some really amazing parts, especially between Aiden and Savannah, and held my attention from start to finish, so if it sounds like a book you’d like, give it a shot. Oh, and if your a fan of mythology, I’d say it’s pretty much a must-read. I loved the mythology parts, especially when it went into detail.

“‘Don’t go. Don’t leave me. I’m not the man you need yet, but I can be. I can get there, but only if you don’t go.'” – An adorable quote from Aiden, Ode of the Queen

Sidenote: It was storming as I read the last few scenes. When they mentioned thunder, I had to laugh because it was thundering outside!

4 thoughts on “Review: Ode to the Queen by Kyleigh Castronaro

  1. I like the fact that you clearly stated the postitive and not-so-positive elements in this book. It does seem like it deserves 3 stars indeed. And it sounds interesting, yeah, but too bad for the letdown parts. I like mythology a lot but think I will have to skip this one. Great review, Jess, though!! xx


    1. Thanks! I felt so weird reviewing this book, because I really enjoyed it, but it had obvious flaws that I knew I had to mention. Based on your blog, I don’t think you’d enjoy this book, so I think it’s a good call to skip it. 🙂


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