Life of a Blogger: Bad Habits

Bad Habits Smoking

I’m a day late with this post, but who cares? (I do. I so totally do. It bugs me. I promise to post the meme on time next week lol!)

My Worst Habit: picking at my nails.

The one habit I have never been able to break is messing with my nails. I sometimes bite them, but I have strayed away from that in recent years, so now I pick at my cuticles and nails (often until they bleed! Ouch, I know. I’m an idiot.)

I tried using nail polish and fake nails and all sorts of things to defer the habit, but it always gets the best of me. If you have any tips, please share! Although, odds are, they won’t work because I suck at breaking this habit.

Another habit I struggle with is procrastination. I will put things off forever. Even if I really, really want to do them. I don’t even understand this. I rarely start things early, and it always comes back to bite me. I should probably work on this. Especially because college will totally suck if I don’t.

Habits I hate: smoking!!

I don’t smoke. I never will. I hate it. I absolutely despise it. If you smoke… well, I would say no offense, but I’m not. In fact, full offense. Well actually, if you smoke, that’s your own business, I guess, so no offense, unless  you smoke in front of other people. Especially in confined places like inside a house or car.

My mom and step-dad do this and I HATE IT. Sooooo much. It makes my throat scratchy and it smells bad. Also, because they smoke in our apartment, even though they don’t smoke in my room, ALL of my stuff smells like cigarette smoke. Especially my clothes and back pack. Washing it doesn’t even help. Ugh so frustrating.

End point: smoking is your business but you totally, absolutely suck if you smoke in front of other people.

What are your bad habits? What habits do you hate?

5 thoughts on “Life of a Blogger: Bad Habits

  1. I absolutely agree with you on the smoking thing! My Mom used to smoke when I was still young. I remember hiding her cigarrettes the whole time. She eventually stopped when I was around 6 years old. Now she is one of the biggest Smoker Haters. ;]
    The habit I do and just can’t get rid of, is biting my lips… I’ve tried everything! But the moment I get nervous or worked up, then there I am, chewing away.
    I wish I had some tips for your nail problem, but sadly I don’t. You’ve already tried everything I know. Maybe one day you’ll just wake up like my Mom and decide that today is the day to break that habit, and poof it just happens! 🙂


    1. My younger sister does that! She even goes so far as to throw them in the trash! It annoys the heck out of my mom, haha! I bite my lips too, but only if I’m nervous and my hands are for some reason unavailable (like if I’m holding stuff). Thanks for commenting! 🙂


  2. I am always biting my nails, actually believe it or not every year, to stop biting my nail is a new year resolution! I can tell you it not going very well so far. My mum apparently smoked for 6 years, 4 before I was born and 2 after I was born, but being a young toddler, I don’t remember much, and from your description quite glad of it!


  3. I bite my nails when I’m nervous which is 99.9% of the time. I’ve started kicking the habit but it isn’t easy. I do it without noticing. The habit I hate is chewing tobacco. My father has chewed tobacco since he was fourteen. It is a hard habit to kick especially with a stressful job.



    1. Ew. I think chewing tobacco can be worse than smoking… but at least there’s no secondhand effect. I have been trying sooo hard to kick my nail biting habit. I can go a couple weeks, but I always end up slipping!


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