Review: Gods Save the Princess by Kyleigh Castronaro


A perfect continuation from Ode to the Queen, Gods Save the Princess follows Valentina as she struggles with adapting from the horrors of her mortal life to the glamour of being a Greek Goddess living on Olympus… but things aren’t always glamorous once she’s kidnapped and finds herself stumbling in the Underworld.

While the first book in the Grace of Gods series was focused heavily on the characters and had little plot development, Gods Save the Princess fully makes up for it with an adventurous and mythical plot to save not only the Princess (Valentina), but also all of Olympus.

As I mentioned in my review of the first book, I adore the Greek Mythology aspects of this series. I love how more and more details are intricately woven into this modern take of the Gods and Goddesses. In this book, we get to understand some other Greek characters such as Erinyes and the three-headed Cerberus.


While Gods Save the Princess was more plot orientated, the characters were as strong as ever. Savannah and Aiden are developed even more, which I loved! I was worried they wouldn’t be as involved in this books, but they played important roles in the life of Valentina and her story.

In all honestly, it took me a while to fully warm up to Valentina, mostly because her meek voice at the beginning of the story, but as she grew stronger and more confident I grew to love her. She has a lot of baggage but handles herself incredibly well.

Griffin on the other hand, was very, very hard to like even at the end of the book. Although, at the end, I accepted his role a bit more. (I guess you can never truly like Hades to the full potential because well… he’s Hades.) But despite my dislike of his character, he was well developed and complex.

I complained in my review of the first book of the characters bouncing back and forth between personalities, but in this book, it wasn’t a problem at all. The characters still have their Gods/Goddesses in them, so there was an alternating of personalities, but it was very defined and obvious that it was a God or Goddess doing the talking…

Which leads to me saying I LOVE HOW AMAZING Kyleigh is with writing dialogue. She manages to easily create distinct voices for all the characters, which was immensely important because of how the Gods/Goddesses sometimes take over the body of the characters (technically they’re the same, but I don’t know how to explain that in terms of what I’m saying… this whole sentence didn’t make sense. Deal with it. ;D).

Also, the dialogue never failed to entertain or amuse me. For example, Valentina was being chased in the Amazon (read the book if you want to know why… because people aren’t often chased through the Amazon without a good reason… and now you’re curious, I bet) and it’s intended to be a serious scene, I believe… because she could have died… but anyway, here’s the quote:

‘Oh, come now, I promise it won’t hurt. I’ll snatch you up in one bite, one single crunch and it’s be over.’

‘That’s not really comforting,’ I said as I sidestepped once more, his claw catching my arm…

Valentina just seemed to have a very witty inner dialogue and I loved it.


Gods Save the Queen was an excellent addition to the Grace of Gods series. If you enjoy romance, action, adventure, and Greek Mythology, this is a series you shouldn’t pass up! Gods Save the Princess will likely make you laugh and have your heart aching for the characters.

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