Review: The Distance Between Us by Kasie West

[alert]Sorry for this sucky review- I got busy and put off writing it for a week and half and struggled to recall pretty much anything! But I still enjoyed the book, so felt like I should say something about it![/alert]


The Distance Between Us was funny, sweet, and somewhat emotional. Caymen Meyers lives day to day working in her mother’s Doll Store because they can’t afford to hire any additional employees. When Caymen’s favorite customer sends her grandson, Xander, in to pick up a doll for her, a new relationship between the two starts to bloom.


Caymen was smart, witty, and so sarcastic! It was wonderful and hilarious! I love sarcastic characters! I loved pretty much everything about Caymen, except for the way she sometimes assumes things about Xander, but overall, she’s was an amazing protagonist!

Xander was adorable and sweet, but in all honestly he didn’t stick out to me. It was fun to read about him and Caymen, but he’s just not all that memorable.


The main setting that stuck out to me was the doll store where Caymen works (and lives)! I would have been terrified to live above a doll house like she does, but it doesn’t come across as too creepy in the book. But it did makes some scenes very interesting! 😀


If you consider Caymen’s sarcasm and wit and add it to Xander’s charm, you get a hilariously adorable relationship! I loved them together! I didn’t really get all mushy or swoony with this couple, but it they were very fun to read about.

the feels

There’s some stuff that happens towards the end that I don’t want to mention specifically because spoilers, but it got sad. I cried. And while I  mentioned that the romance didn’t make me feel mushy or anything, it did leave me all giddy and happy!


While this was a very fun and lovable read, it wasn’t very memorable for me. (It might just be my sucky memory, as I sit here and try to write a review a week and a half after reading the book- I usually write my reviews immediately after.) I’d definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes contemporary romance and sarcastic characters!



SORRY FOR THE SHORT REVIEW. I swear I had way more to say about it right after I read it... but it faded with time (and poor memory)!
SORRY FOR THE SHORT REVIEW. I swear I had way more to say about it right after I read it… but it faded with time (and poor memory)!

3 thoughts on “Review: The Distance Between Us by Kasie West

  1. Naw girl you don’t need to apologise for a short review! I do mini reviews all the time and they even seem to be more popular than my full length ones sometimes. Anyway, I love Caymen’s sarcasm! It left a huge smile on my face the entire time.

    Nice review, hun <33


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