It’s Been Five Thousand Years!

Okay, maybe not five thousand years. But it has been months since I’ve posted or done anything blog related. And I am so sorry! Please forgive me!

How have you guys been?

I’ve been alright. To catch everyone up, March was Strung Out On Books’ blogiversary (and my birthday!) which I unfortunately missed. I planned on doing a giveaway, but since that’s passed already I’ve been thinking of a new occasion to host a giveaway.

I’m thinking a it’s-finally-summer giveaway could be fun? Summer themed books as the prize. Or a giveaway in light of my high school graduation featuring books featuring characters who just graduated as well? Still pondering ideas… so if you have suggestions, let me know in the comments! 😀

I’m getting so pumped for this summer, in all honesty! I will finally be getting my driver’s license, I’m done with high school, and I’ll be preparing for college in the fall! So exciting (and scary)!

My April was packed with studying and preparing for AP exams… not much of anything happened during that time. But that leads me into May, which started off intense with AP testing (my hand ached for three days  from writing all the essays), but has mellowed out as my final year of high school is coming to a close.

It’s been sort of sad facing the end of my high school career, but the sadness doesn’t compare to how thrilled I am to be moving on to the next phase of my life! That doesn’t mean I didn’t cry like a baby after graduation, because I totally did… I couldn’t help it.

I’m trying to get back into the swing of things, so feel free to tell me what’s been happening in your life, or on your blog! I’d love it even more if you linked me to your latest blog post so I can check it out!

Again, sorry for my long absence!


3 thoughts on “It’s Been Five Thousand Years!

  1. Hey Jessica, it’s been forever! Congratulations on graduating high school! As for the giveaway you could host a “Belated Blogiversary” giveaway but I like the idea of a “Beach Bag” giveaway as summer is here and everyone needs books to take to the beach! Oh, and I tagged you in my post: The Extraordinary Means Book Tag. It would be great if you could participate.

    Have a great day, Jordan


    1. Hey! Thank you very much, it’s been exciting! I’m still thinking about the giveaway, but I’m not sure on details yet. I’ll be sure to check out your post! Thanks for commenting! 🙂


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