Let’s Catch Up: College and Halloween Fun!

Hello, everyone! I’m going to be posting regularly again, although I am quite busy so it might not be as frequent as I’d like, which I hinted at it the other day when I introduced Caylin to the blog. If you missed our last post, be sure to head over and say hi to the newest blogger here at Strung Out On Books.

Life has been pretty intense lately with classes and work and homework ahhhh but regardless of that I’ve been enjoying college. I posted a few months ago about getting into the school I wanted to attend, Oakland University. I moved into my dorm at the beginning of September and met my awesome roommate, and as of recently co-blogger, Caylin. We’re pretty much the weirdest most annoying and obnoxious people on our floor but, hey, it’s fun so who cares?

I’ve decided to major in English (no surprise there, huh?) and possibly minor in either creative writing, writing and rhetoric, or graphic design… but I’m not even remotely sure which one I want to go with. All of my classes right now are either for my major or gen ed which means I have one English Lit class and a bunch of… not so English Lit classes aka required classes such as art history, french, and writing & rhetoric. Blah.

lower your expectations gif

Juuust kidding. My classes are pretty awful alright. At the very least, they’re sort of interesting. I’ve also found an on-campus job as a lab monitor. It’s incredibly boring but It’s nice because I can usually do homework when it’s slow (which is aaallll the time).  Overall, I’ve transitioned to college fairly easily and I look forward to continuing this part of my life.

But let’s skip to the exciting stuff!

I’ve already mentioned Caylin joining us, but I’ve also been talking with another friend about him possibly writing some posts for Strung Out On Books. Odds are those posts won’t be as bookish, but they’ll be new and exciting anyway. I look forward to introducing him on the blog soon!

Speaking of posts, Caylin and I have been discussing some pretty rad stole this word from Caylin Halloween ideas. We’ve been considering doing a Halloween themed giveaway and readathon – Bring on the horror! 

You can probably expect to see some horror movie reviews and Halloween inspired lifestyle posts from the two of us. We are super excited about blogging (and Halloween… obviously) and getting everything on Strung Out On Books up and running again. Which leads to this final comment: there have been some minor changes on the blog to accommodate having two bloggers behind the scenes. So now there are two about pages (check out Caylin’s!) and author bios beneath each post. Don’t forget to add Caylin on Goodreads and other social media, and be sure to check out her currently reading section in the sidebar!

If you would be interested in the giveaway and readathon mentioned above or have any ideas to add, leave a comment below! We look forward to hearing from you!

– Jessica


2 thoughts on “Let’s Catch Up: College and Halloween Fun!

  1. Subtle references to me :). Readathons sound interesting, however I don’t know if I’ll be taking part. But like, halloween things are my jam. Can’t wait for anything relating to fall and such.


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