Review: If I Stay by Gayle Forman




Hi guys! This will be my first book review on here, and I am uber thrilled to share it all with you because, 1. Hooray for firsts and, 2. This is one of my favorite books, along with the sequel! I apologize in advance if it’s really dumb, and just a fair warning that I may ramble…

Okay, so I’ve read so many good and not-so-good reviews on this book, and I feel like I might be repeating some things that many other reviews have already said, buuut, my overall rating for this one is 4 out of 5 stars.

I really enjoyed reading this book because the characters were like-able, and it was something that was totally new for me, the plot was fresh and interesting and it made me want to keep reading.  I admired being able to learn more about the type of music that played a large role in Mia’s life, which is classical, and especially the cello. Classical is one of my many favorite genres of music, and I like how Forman did a lot of research on it and incorporated into the book, in which she did a great job of doing. She introduced a lot of artists that Mia was inspired by, like Yo-Yo Ma. That was great because it added more personality and real-life dimension to Mia as a character, and it also had a part in how Mia and Adam met. I had personally never heard of Yo-Yo Ma before, and I was excited to look up his music and I actually really like it, so score for me. I also like how Forman wrote the flashbacks of Mia’s life, and that’s basically what most of the story is… is flashbacks. The flashbacks were told in nice detail and it made Mia’s current situation even more heart-wrenching.

What I didn’t like about this book is that Mia’s life, before the accident however, is actually unrealistically great…

Mia is this seventeen year old girl who plays the cello in the most engaging way, and her life revolves around it. Her relationship with her cool rocker hippie laid back parents was not very relatable (at least not to me anyway), but I suppose it was nice to read about. Mia also has one younger brother, Teddy, whom she takes care of and acts as a big sister role model towards him, so it’s not the typical annoying little brother, bratty big sister relationship. The hottest guy in school ends up falling for her, her best friend is super funny and loyal, and Mia’s life pretty much makes mine seem like a nasty sac of potatoes.

But I guess it’s lives like Mia’s that aren’t supposed to be so relatable, but instead entertaining and interesting, which is exactly what this book is. So…


The romance in If I Stay is GREAT. Adam is really cool, and the way that he talks to Mia is so cute. It’s so easy to tell how deeply he cares for her, especially when she needs him the most. Their relationship is just awesome. This story is also a great one for realizing how truly lucky we all are to be alive. Mia has such a great appreciation for her friends and family, and all of the good moments she’s had with them when you read about the flashbacks. This book was beautiful for so many reasons. The passion that Mia has for her music is breathtaking. It’s very easy to get lost while reading this book because of how interesting Mia’s life is, and how well-written it was. It was definitely an emotional rollercoaster for me… especially the ending, I immediately started the second book after I finished this one!

If you like passion, love, and an all-around good story, then I would go for this one. There is death involved (trying not to spoil anything), so if you’re not really into that, then this probably isn’t for you. But I promise you, THIS IS A FANTASTIC BOOK. If you’ve read it before, make sure to leave me a comment below on what you thought of it!

Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Review: If I Stay by Gayle Forman

  1. SO I wrote you a stupidly long comment and then the server crashed -_- I need to fix that. But anyway, I basically rambled about how I might want to borrow this book from you sometime. Also, yay! You’re first review! Great job! 🙂


  2. Great first review Caylin! 🙂 It definitely wasn’t dumb. ;] I don’t read contemporary ya often, but this does sound really good. I actually just reviewed a contemporary ya book about music if you’d like to take a look, perhaps you’d enjoy that one as well. 🙂


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