Happy Halloween!


So I have a funny or really sad story to tell you all. The other day I was watching The Walking Dead on AMC, and of course the channel was advertising their Fear Feast movie event. In the advertisement, they showed a few flashes from the movie Halloween (1978).  At that point I had already been wanting to watch this movie because it’s one of my favorite movies to watch this season, and I managed to impulse-buy three movies from this franchise.

Buuut… I, being the idiot that I am, bought the three movies from the franchise that I barely even like thinking that they were the first three movies in the franchise.

annoyed gif
This is basically a perfect representation of my life…

So I ended up watching the first of those three movies, Halloween 6 if you’re curious, just to avoid admitting that I made such a tragic mistake, only to remember that AMC doesn’t just advertise this franchise, but, obviously, plays the movies repeatedly and that I could easily watch the ones I wanted live on TV sometime. And so I did. I spent four hours of my life this week watching Halloween 4 and 5 and I loved absolutely every second of it.

Yeah, so that was my lousy story. Is anyone a fan of these movies? What are you favorite movies to watch around Halloween?

Let’s get to the good stuff, shall we?saint anything

Caylin and I are super excited to announce that we have a winner for our Fall book giveaway. If you didn’t get a chance to enter this past giveaway, keep an eye out for another one coming up soon (more details to come later).

*Drum Roll*

Aaannd our winner is Anjanette G.!

The book she chose is Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen!


And on the topic of books, Mary: The Summoning is TERRIFYING!

Honestly, it’s a struggle to read this one before bed because it freaks me out every single time I go to read it. Which, I guess, is a good thing since it’s a horror book, but oh boy, what an emotionally traumatizing book this one is.

Hope you all have a fabulously spooky Halloween! Tell us what you have planned for today in the comments!

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