Book Outlet Haul!

Hello everyone!

A small while back, I discovered, and it wasn’t until about a week ago when I actually placed an order, because obviously I have no self control when it comes to books… or pizza. But you know what I’m sayin’.

Book Outlet is an online book store that sells bargain books at greatly discounted prices. Their selection isn’t the most varietal, but they have lots of sales and new books coming in all the time! So what are you waiting for? Go check it out!


My first order from Book Outlet just came in today and I screamed all the way down to the front desk in my building to pick up my package. I was very excited. And I still am, because hello… 6 NEW BOOKS TO READ! Here’s a list of what came in:

Another book I wanted to include in my haul is Cinder by Marissa Meyer, which I actually did not get through Book Outlet, instead I bought it from Target (Target has a really good book selection and it was on sale, I swear it was calling my name), but I’m excited to read that series as well!

So I’m focusing now on finishing up the Divergent series and then I’ll probably start on either Warm Bodies or Every Day. So be on the look out for some upcoming book reviews on those! As you could probably tell from the picture, Let The Sky Fall was in my haul too and is actually the first book in a series that I’ve already read and really enjoyed including the sequel, Let The Storm Break. I’m currently waiting for the third book in the series to be published. I wanted to buy it because as soon as I saw it I got really excited, I’m considering re-reading it, and the cover is beautiful, so how could I not? I read them both through my local library a couple years ago, but they’re so good and I appreciate having copies of my own! Shannon Messenger is a fantastic writer, and I love the characters and the plot of the story. The romance is a little slow for my taste, but I can’t get enough of it. There’s also quite a bit of action along with some humor, which I love. That should also be coming up in a review of it’s own pretty soon!

Have you read any of these books? If so, did you like them? If you did or didn’t, leave me a comment on your opinions!



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