Blog Tour Review: Truest by Jackie Lea Sommers

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Truest is a book that will tug at your heart in many ways: there’s an adorable romance, a tragic accident, some complicated family situations, and fortunately, lots of humor to help us through the emotions.

Westlin is a small town girl, and she seems to really love it. She has a fabulous boyfriend, a well respected family and father, and a small but close group of friends. She’s pretty content with life, even if she has no clue what she wants to do with her future.

Then she meets Silas who is charming and funny, and actually understands West in ways no one else seems to. And I really, really shipped them.  Their chemistry was obvious from their amazingly sweet and funny banter. They seemed to be perfect together, and I loved watching their relationship transition from strangers to friends to lovers.

I just wish West would have made those transitions after breaking up with her boyfriend, Elliot, because it was very clear she had feelings, or if not feelings then at least a very serious attraction, for Silas from the start. In plain terms, West cheats on Elliot with Silas and this made it really difficult for me to fully like either of them, but especially West.

As the blurb mentions, the plot is further complicated by Silas’ sister, Laurel, and her ‘secret’ which involves a mental illness that causes her to doubt and struggle with reality. I feel like I never really understood her illness completely as it was described, although the author does attempt to explain it.

That being said, Laurel’s illness was something I’d never heard about before and so I can’t say whether or not it was written and portrayed well. However, at times it did seem like it was a tool to simply complicate the situation – I believe that Laurel and her mental illness would do well in a book focusing on her because she was a very complex and intriguing character and I would love to learn more about her and her illness. All in all, I enjoyed reading about her in Truest, even though her story didn’t seem fully fleshed out.

Overall, Truest is a very lovely book that delivers an emotional and romantic story, despite its flaws. Silas was a very memorable and charming character that you will most definitely likely swoon over.

Jackie Lea Sommers



about the author

Jackie Lea Sommers lives and loves and writes in Minnesota, where the people are nice and the O’s are long. She is the 2013 winner of the Katherine Paterson Prize for Young Adult Writing. Truest is her first novel.
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praise for Truest

Truest is one of those books that will destroy you in the best way possible. Truest is more than a book: it’s a window, a conversation.”
— Ashley Brooks, Brooks Editorial

“If love and pain are two sides of the same coin, Truest is the mint.”
— Sam, Goodreads


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