Oh No! I’ve Forgotten How to Blog

After reading Jessi’s post on Novel Heartbeat, read it here, about why being inactive sucks and about how hard it is to get back into blogging, I decided to talk about how I’ve been feeling in regards to blogging, too.

Are reviews boring?

For starters, since I’ve been trying to blog again, all I’ve posted is reviews and it doesn’t feel like enough. Which is crazy. This is, after all, a book blog and I love that. I don’t want that to change. Awhile ago I mentioned how I didn’t want this to just be a book blog, but that’s what it is and I don’t feel restrained by that label anymore, but I still feel like I’m somehow doing things wrong. Are reviews less interesting these days? Do people and other bloggers still want to read reviews?

Bored Gif

My TBR is holding me back!

I’ve noticed that I haven’t been that interested in reading reviews unless I’m already curious about the book or if I’ve seen it before somewhere and am already thinking about reading it. Before, when I first started blogging, all I posted and read was reviews. For any and all books. I guess after so long, it gets kind of old, and it’s like… I already have all of these books on my TBR that I need to read, so I really really shouldn’t be looking for new books, or looking at reviews that are likely to convince me to add more to my already lengthy TBR. If that makes any sense.

I’m trying to get out of this habit, and I’ve been trying to just enjoy reviews and learning about other books and not freak out about my TBR like the stressed out weirdo that I am.

On a side note, I asked my boyfriend to not let me buy or get any new books until I’ve read some that I already own and he is being very kind and stubbornly determined to help me stick to doing that. ❤ I want all the books.

I’ve forgotten how to blog.

I Don't Know How to Live Anymore GifI forgot how much work and effort it takes. For a long time I was so busy and overwhelmed with other things, that I just really didn’t want to put in the effort. I didn’t care as much. It was just blogging. But now I miss it and I want to put in the effort, but it’s like I’ve forgotten what to do.

I forgot how important communication and social media was. What’s a blog without readers and other bloggers to interact with? It’s pretty boring. It’s nice to always have an outlet to write about what’s on my mind and what books I’m excited about or loathing, but it’s just not the same without having interaction (as Jessi mentions too).

Lastly, the planning. When I write reviews, it’s spontaneous and all over the place usually, but when it comes to other posts, I either have to plan them or just completely forget about them until, if I’m really lucky, I get a random idea and end up actually writing about it. So, if I didn’t make that clear, I must plan other posts or I just don’t write anything else.

So basically, this post was just me writing things out and coming to solutions to fix the problems I initially planned on just complaining about. I forgot how therapeutic writing can be, too.

All in all, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to reach out more and interact with other blogs the way I did when I first started blogging. I want blogging to be fun again. Also I need to start planning more, but we’ll see.

So, everything is good.

Excited Gif
Thanks for listening to my ramblings! I’m sure none of this made any sense at all.

8 thoughts on “Oh No! I’ve Forgotten How to Blog

  1. I know how you feel, I usually only post reviews these days too! They don’t get many comments, and honestly I don’t read others’ reviews unless it’s a book I’ve already read (and share the same opinion). It definitely isn’t the same without interaction, because you just feel like you’re talking to yourself (or a wall)! And the work and effort thing, too. Like you, I forgot how much it takes! I think that’s why I don’t do it much anymore. I’ve gotten lazy >.>


    1. Yeah, I’ve gotten lazy too when it comes to blogging. I mean, hobby-wise, netflix and naps are so easy and while blogging is a lot of fun and worthwhile, sometimes it’s just tough to put in the effort.


    1. Thank you so much! I used to feel like that about reviews too! For me, it’s kind of like, if I focus on reading so that I can write more reviews, I have less time to post other content and vice versa. I need to find a nice balance. Lately I’ve been reading Mosquitoland and it’s taking me wayyy longer than usual to finish it because I’ve been writing so much for other posts. Thanks for commenting!


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