My Blog Broke and Other Fun Happenings

So my blog sort of broke. It kind of just had a brain fart or something. It just decided to stop functioning for some reason. Well a part of it did, anyway. I don’t know.


The other day I noticed I wasn’t getting any email notifications from my blog, like for comments or for new subscribers or anything like that (including the emails for lost passwords – which is scary). So I did some researching on google and after several hours found that my host (Bluehost) had disabled the mail php function or something like that (I only understand php and wordpress stuff to an extent) and then I had to spend hours trying to figure how to fix this.

If you use wordpress, then you’ve probably spent hours searching through help forums for a solution to some random wordpress problem, and have likely encountered countless useless forums before finding anything that even remotely made any sense or helped solve the problem even slightly.

Eventually after enough trial and error, you figure out the specifics of the problem, find a solution or many that just don’t actually work and then finally fix the problem. Which is what I did. And it was incredibly frustrating. But now I feel a sense of accomplishment at figuring it out and solving the problem, and I’m glad I fixed it, but I’m still annoyed that a pretty important function (in my opinion) just stopped working all of a sudden. 

I know that’s to be expected from time to time. Things break. They stop working all of a sudden. That’s fine and good, but I’m still gonna complain about it.

But on to more fun things…

The Lake
I spent the other day with my friend Angela and her sister, Ashley. We went to a small beach near where I live and got ice cream. I had a great time, and she ended up convincing me to download Instagram. So now that’s a thing and hopefully I can follow a bunch of you amazing bloggers on that too.

Book Box Library
The little library box.

I don’t think I’ll be posting much though, since I’m pretty terrible with a camera, as you’ll see from the pictures in this post. I really look forward to seeing everyone else’s pretty photos! (If I haven’t followed you already, please leave your instagram in the comments and I’ll be sure to check it out! 🙂

We ended up running into a cute library thing. I’ve vaguely heard of them before but had never seen one. Not even sure what’s called. Also, a cute little bird friend decided to beg us for food and I nearly died because it was so adorable.

I’ll be going to New York soon…

My friends (y’all know who you are… if you’re reading this… hopefully you are) and I will be taking a road trip to New York soon to visit my boyfriend who lives there. It’s the farthest I’ve ever been from home (driving anyway) and I’m super excited and nervous!

I’ve been reading Mosquitoland and it’s brilliant…

It’s also a bit confusing. There’s a lot of things happening and I’m just barely keeping up, but I adore Mim, the main character, and her voice and humor. I like the way the format flips from her narrative to her journal entries. I’m hoping the end of the book will clear some things up, but either way, I’ve been enjoying the book.

Expect a review to be up really soon!

And lastly…

I’ve banned myself from acquiring new books until I’ve made significant progress with my TBR, which I sort of mentioned in my last post. The boyfriend aforementioned, his name is Kelvin, is helping me stick to this ban. It’s so hard. All the books are so pretty and new and I want them all. It’ll be good for me, and I’m sure it won’t be too difficult to stick to. Who am I kidding?

Thanks for reading my ramblings it’s totally understandable if you skimmed most of this! Let me know if you’ve had similar problems with wordpress (or any other platform) and what’s going on in your life!



10 thoughts on “My Blog Broke and Other Fun Happenings

  1. Omg that’s terrible about losing your blog for a while there! I’m glad you got it sorted. I would’ve just FREAKED OUT. xD I have a relative who’s into web design though so I just go crying to him whenever I have problems because me + computers = absolutely catastrophism. XD hehe.
    Anyway! Those photos are really nice and YAY for fun outings and omg DOUBLE YAY for cute little libraries!
    And I’m glad you’re enjoying Mosquitoland. I ended up getting waaaay too confused, ahahah. Mim is a very interesting character that’s for sure. 😉
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


    1. I’m pretty good with website stuff *usually* but a lot of the time it’s just me fumbling with stuff until I figure it out.

      And I read your review of Mosquitoland and I agree with a lot of what you’re saying. I just really enjoy the voice, but there is some pretty solid issues with this book. I’m just too confused to be sure if the issues are an attempt at pointing out problems with humor or just ignorant rude attempts to get laughs.

      Thanks for the kind words and for commenting! 🙂


  2. Yeah whenever I have a technological problem, I scour the entire internet for a solution before I ask for any help. NEW YORK?!? That’s so exciting. Yes book buying bans are so difficult to stick to. The only good thing about where I live during these time is that they are hardly any bookstores around… but this doesn’t help when I actually want books XD


    1. YES! I am so excited 😀 Ah, that’s tough! I don’t visit bookstores that often (I would love to more). I mostly buy books online, so it’s especially difficult because I get book sale emails all the time and it’s so tempting. But at least it’s there when I want to buy books too! Thanks for commenting!


    1. I’ve been wanting to switch but at the time I don’t know what I would do. Bluehost is super annoying! I think I’m already following you on instagram, but I’ll double check! 🙂


  3. Oh gosh, I am so envious of your cute little library. As a 100% electronic reader, this is something I miss about paper books.

    Good luck with not getting new books. The temptation is just too big. Let us know how it turns out 😉


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