Review: Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

DNF Review. I could would not finish this book.

angry gif

I was excited to read this because I thought it’d be a fun and dramatic romance that I would love, and I’ve heard good things about Colleen Hoover so I was eager to see what the buzz was about. However, this book was a HUGE disappointment. Even worse, it made me feel all gross and uncomfortable and angry. BLAH.

The felt repulsed by the characters and their actions and I WILL RANT ALL ABOUT IT. Be prepared. Also, my ranting WILL involve some spoilers, but really, it’s fairly predictable, so it shouldn’t *ruin* the book for you if you plan to read it, but if you’re totally anti-spoiler, proceed with caution.

OKAY. The main characters are Sydney and Ridge and they are HYPOCRITES! Sydney has a thing for the guy who lives across from her balcony and spends every evening listening to him play his guitar… even though she has a boyfriend. AND she made it very clear that she didn’t see a future with this boyfriend, yet continues to string him along.

THEN she finds out he’s cheating on her and acts heartbroken. Which, okay, yes that is inexcusable and he had no right, and obviously the betrayal is going to hurt, but COME ON.

So, then she leaves the cheating boyfriend and moves in with the guitar guy, Ridge, and develops a crush on him pretty much immediately. So much for heartbroken.

To add to this problematic situation, Ridge has a girlfriend, who he doesn’t care to mention ONCE as he flirts with Sydney and they get to know each other. NOT ONCE. Not even a hint. I’m sure you can guess where this is going.

THEY DEVELOP FEELINGS FOR EACH OTHER, BUT OF COURSE Ridge insists that he loves his girlfriend and Sydney so he doesn’t leave either of them and well, Sydney is once again involved with a cheater but it’s different this time. (NO IT’S NOT. UGH.)

angry gif 2

I didn’t read much past 50% of the book, so I have no opinion on the second half of the book or any clue if things get better and if the characters get their junk together and stop being annoying. SO, that being said, I’ll conclude that…

I do not like Sydney. I do not like Ridge. I did not like this book. 

I did, however, enjoy the writing style and the music and lyrics, and I think Colleen Hoover is very talented, so hopefully I can find a book of hers that doesn’t make me want to fling things out of windows.


I didn’t get along with this book. Not at all.


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