Updates: WordPress Migration and College Life

Surprise, Surprise

Every couple of months I tend to do something wrong that results in me breaking my blog, to put it simply, and I’m sure no one is surprised that I’ve done it once again. For anyone familiar with website hosting, you probably know how expensive it can get, and if you’re not familiar with it: it’s about $150 per year. Which was not really all that affordable for me, a college student who only blogs as a hobby.

So I attempted to find a cheaper host and fortunately I managed to find a deal that secured my hosting for 3 years for less than $100 (YAS) and I’ll be able to keep the blog up and running. However, during the process of transferring my files and migrating wordpress I managed to lose my domain temporarily. Technically I still own it, so I don’t have to worry about someone else using it, but I can’t transfer it to my new host until January. So for now, there’s a new domain (and it’s kind of lame- I’m sorry) but nothing else has changed and all links should redirect to this domain to avoid confusion.


We Are Still Tornadoes

I requested and downloaded an ARC of We Are Still Tornadoes from Netgalley and I’ve finally started reading it and oh my gosh it’s adorable. I’m only about 10% into the book so far but I have a very good feeling that I’m going to love it, so keep an eye out for that review (it should be posted by November)! The book is out on Nov 1st so be sure to check it out!

I’m also reading The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao and it’s fantastic. I’m reading it with my boyfriend so I’m not sure when or if I’ll review it, but it’s absolutely worth checking out (I’m serious).

Have you guys seen Bones?

The TV Show, I mean. Not like… real bones. Anyway, I’m addicted again. In a sort of weird situation I found myself watching Bones while taking notes on the skeletal system for my Biology class and it was wonderful. (Watching Netflix while doing homework is not advised, but sometimes it’s just so hard to resist.) (Technically it wasn’t homework homework. It was optional. Yes, this makes me feel better about my bad Netflix-watching habit. Shh.)

Bones Gif
Bones is Me.

Lastly, I need to screech…

LITERARY JOURNALS ARE A THING! If you’ve paid any attention to me in the last few months at all (please do- I’m needy) then you probably know that I’m taking an Editing and Publishing class and that we’re working on creating our own literary journal.

We already have one issue published from last year, and we’re working on the issue for this year. Although, considering that we’re all just undergrads who know very little about the process of editing and publishing literary journals, our Professor decided that one way to learn how to do it would be to read and interact with other literary journals.

So over the course of the semester we’ve been reading a few different journals: Booth, Ploughshares, Tin House, and The Pinch; and they are amazing. If you’re interested in short stories or poetry, or other literary forms aside from novels, I’m sure there’s a literary journal out there that fits your interests. Of the four we’ve looked at, I’ve noticed that they’re all very unique in content, formatting, and their overall aesthetic.


To conclude:

College is busy and I’ve been neglecting the blog once again. (I know, I know, I’m a pathetic and unapologetic blog neglecter.) It’ll be okay. One day I’ll learn to manage all the life things and blog things TOGETHER. But until then, hopefully you’ll hear from me soon.

What do you think of all the things? Do you read literary journals or watch Bones? Are you a struggling blogger who breaks websites and forgets to post for five million years too?

(Hopefully I’m not the only one.)

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