The Catfé Lounge: An Alternative Cat Shelter

Last month just before finals began, Caylin drove me and our friend Marcy to a place called the The Catfé Lounge in a city about a half hour away from our campus and it was WONDERFUL. Not only was it a great way to take a break from school for a couple hours before the stress of studying for finals set in, but it was also a brilliant way to spend time with furry, adorable cats and have a chance to support a cat shelter nearby.

Cat Poster
This poster was one of the items available for purchase in the Catfé!

While the Catfé wasn’t exactly what we were expecting- I think we visualized something like a Café with a bunch of tables and a barista, the whole set up of an actual Café, but also with cats running around- I was pleasantly surprised. It was set up to be more practical for the cats, with hiding areas and toys for the cats to play on.

Their main goal is to get the animals adopted and to raise donations for their shelter, rather than just create an atmosphere for coffee and cat lovers.

All visitors are given the opportunity to donate to the shelter upon entering the Catfé and they offer all kinds of fun cat-related items to purchase so they can raise funds to keep the shelter going and to keep rescueing cats in the community.

The cats in the Catfé were very friendly, but of course there are cats that don’t want to be bothered and will lash out if you persist. Photographs of some of the cats with their names and a few personality details lined the walls, and upon the entrance was a bulletin board of all the cats that are available for adoption– all of which shows just how much effort and creativity this Catfé employs to help find these cats a home.

KitKat was the most memerable cat I met- one of the volunteers informed us that he was rescued from the Otter exhibit at the Detroit Zoo! We also stumbled upon two adorable cats cuddling in the back room!

It took every once of self control to not adopt while I was there. Unfortunately, I don’t have room for a cat at home in my apartment with my family and dog (and fish), and only fish are allowed in my dorm at college- which is why I’m spreading the word here so other people can find this shelter and hopefully donate or adopt! If you’re a cat person, or if you like animals at all, please go visit the Catfé! You will not regret it!

The Catfé did not sponsor this post- I’m just very enthusiastic about it!

The Catfé Lounge
The Catfé Lounge is located in Ferndale, MI.

What do you think of the The Catfé Lounge? Would you visit? One last thing- HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🙂 ♥

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