Review: This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab

It took me several weeks months to read This Savage Song because of college and homework and it’s like 400 pages long, but FINALLY I finished this book and then realized that the sequel doesn’t get released until June. UGH.

I need to know how the story continues! I NEED to know what happens to Kate and August! LIKE NOW.

Anyway… please ignore my impatience.

Yeah. I was WAY off. It is about music, but it’s about monsters who use music to eat people’s souls.  Despite my assumptions and confusion, I ended up liking the concept and the story.

There are three different types of monsters in this book, and I struggled to remember which was which. I knew the differences between the three, but I couldn’t remember the names. Fortunately there’s a song/rhyme/poem/blurb? on the back of the copy I borrowed that sort of explains them, so I just used that as a reference.

Confused Dog Space Gif
Is this review not me just being exceptionally confused? Don’t be fooled, kids. College has not made me smarter, it has only muddled my brain. Send essays help.

I really liked August, the soul eating monster, but it took forever for me to start to like Kate. Mostly because she kept smoking cigarettes. NOT COOL. But also because puts on a front to protect herself and to try to convince her father that she’s more like him than she really is. (She has daddy issues, but how could she not? Her dad controls monsters and ************* deleted spoiler.) So, real Kate is nice and easy to like. Fake Kate is annoying and has murderous tendencies.

The monsters were a bit confusing. I feel like either they weren’t described well OR I didn’t understand/remember the descriptions very well. Not sure which. I kept struggling to visualize the monsters when they showed up in the book. They all mostly reminded me of vampires though but that could be due to the fact that I’ve been binge watching the Vampire Diaries for the past two months now

While the story was interesting and kept me invested, I felt like things started SO slowly in the beginning. There was so much non-action in the first part of the book where August and Kate were just attending school like normal teenagers, and, yes, there were monster stuff there, but it just felt slow and like I was just waiting for the action to start.

Once the action did start, though, I was hooked. I finished the second half of the book twice as fast as I read the first half. I’m curious to learn more about the world Schwab has created, and I’m excited to follow the characters and see what becomes of them in the next book!

If you like monsters and dystopian worlds, then you should DEFINITELY check out This Savage Song!

The sequel, Our Dark Duet, comes out June 13th!

Have you read This Savage Song? If so, what did you think? If not, would you consider reading it?

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