Review: Before I Go to Sleep by S.J. Watson

Hola! I found Before I Go to Sleep to be quite intriguing. I knew the experience would be different, with it being the first adult novel I’ve ever read. It definitely suits me recently turning 20 (woop woop).

To put it in the simplest of terms, it was good. I won’t go as far as to say that it was amazing, but I definitely did enjoy myself. I guess that’s all that really matters, right?

Alright, gotta do a little background of what the novel is about. Our main protagonist, Christine Lucas, had an accident, many years prior to the events of this story, that caused her to become an amnesiac. She can really only remember the day’s events. As soon as she sleeps (naps not included), she forgets everything from the day before. She wakes up thinking she’s a (roughly) twenty-year-old. Christine is a blank canvas at the start of each day. She’s trying to fix that, but their may be someone who doesn’t want her to remember. See how I just tried to entice you? Did it work? Probably not…I’m bad at this. Anyways, she writes in a journal every day, so she can recount the events that happened in the day prior. Are you feeling it (intrigue) now Mr. Krabs?

All the intrigue

Moving on. What I loved…the plot. I hadn’t read anything similar to this before. It was new and exciting, and British! This all takes place in Britain. I LOVE BRITISH ACCENTS! It was something refreshing. Anyways, the gradual rise in tension during the story kept reeling me in and I was loving every moment of it! I really liked the ending. That final plot twist caught me entirely off guard! However, I did read a review of this novel on Goodreads, and the person said they didn’t like it because it was predictable. I didn’t see it that way, but the fact that I’m a very dense person probably explains that.

That plot twist had me shooketh!

Now what I didn’t love………… got kinda boring. I definitely won’t hide the fact that this book sometimes felt like a chore to read. And let me tell you that if reading becomes a chore, IT TAKES ME 52 MILLION TIMES LONGER TO READ!!! So yes, this book took me quite a bit of time to read, which I was annoyed by, but whatever.

It definitely (I’m highly aware of my extended use of the word ‘definitely’, but I like it so…suck a nut) reminded me one of those Lifetime movies, but in a better way. Speaking of, Before I Go to Sleep was made into a movie a couple of years ago. The reviews I saw weren’t great, but I figured that I had to watch it anyways. And so I did. And I can comfortably say that I agree with most of the other reviews.

The movies kinda sucked. It wasn’t awful, and parts of it I really did enjoy, but the overall quality wasn’t wonderful. There were scenes that happened differently, or there was a scenario that was shorter because a part was taken out. And lastly, the most important change: she records her daily activities on a camera. A FUCKING CAMERA! The journal was one of the most important aspects of the book, and they replaced it with a shitty camera. Rant over.

Me when I saw the differences in the movie

I really did like the book. It had its flaws, that’s for sure. However, so did Twilight, and that’s still one of my favorites. I definitely recommend you read this book. Just don’t watch the movie….

Wouldn’t it be freaky to forget everything when you wake up? Have you read Before I Go to Sleep? Let me know in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Review: Before I Go to Sleep by S.J. Watson

  1. I’ve never heard of this before. I’m not really a big mystery reader, I love some good mystery novels and tv series from time to time. This is intriguing. I’ll be sure to check this one out. Great review!


  2. Same with you, I feel like reading is like a chore when I don’t like it or it’s boring, and it takes forever to finish. I get what you were feeling.

    Anyway, awesome review. Sorry, you didn’t like it as much as you hoped. I hope your next read is so much better.

    Have a wonderful week, Jessica.


    1. Yeah I only remembered it because I had previously seen a scene from the movie in a film class. It just popped in my head and I knew I had to give it a shot, and it was a shot worthwhile. I hope you like it as well if you end up checking it out!


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