Review: The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey

The Infinite Sea wasn’t quite as good as The 5th Wave. Although I thoroughly enjoyed The Infinite Sea, I was really hoping to have the same reading experience that I had with the first book. Both followed a similar pattern in the plot, so it wasn’t like the sequel was off topic or anything. BUT, when I read the first book I stayed up all night long reading. I finished it in one sitting. So I was a bit disappointed when I wasn’t as hooked in the Infinite Sea.

What I loved about The Infinite Sea

ALIENS. The alien plot is what drew me to the first book, so I had to keep reading the series. Although a lot was revealed about the aliens in this book, there’s still a lot we don’t know. I think the alien concept can be a bit overdone and cliché in some books, but I think Yancey makes it his own. There’s so much that I didn’t expect or predict about the plot. You should absolutely read this book if you like shocking plot twists and surprises!

Excited Gif

The weird romance Cassie has in the first book is continued, of course! So… he might be an alien… but I SHIP IT. Sure, most of this book does not involve them being together. BUT there’s still hope, which is enough for me.

The humanity of the characters is questioned and tested. And for some reason, I really love these types of stories. I’m not sure if it’s the hopeless setting or the near-death experiences, or the hope in the face of those situations. But I get really excited when humanity is a theme in a story about beating the odds and survival. You’ll love this book if you’re a dystopia addict like me!

Things I didn’t like (or that totally could’ve been better)

Half the characters are wounded/dying. Okay, so maybe this is what would realistically happen in an alien invasion. But it makes for pretty sad action scenes because I AM SCARED MY CHARACTER BABIES WILL DIE. Maybe this list item is just me being bitter because I feel emotionally manipulated. *shrugs*

The POV switches too much and I am a confused nibblet. So, I can’t remember if this happened as much in the first book. But I am very sure that certain characters didn’t get perspectives in the first book that do now. The Infinite Sea focuses WAY too much on Ringer, IMO. I didn’t like Ringer. But to be totally honest, she kind of grew on me and now I am rooting for her. Except THE END OF THIS BOOK, which I will discuss in point #3 ->

WHAT EVEN WAS THE END OF THIS BOOK? I felt SUPER confused and sad and betrayed AND SHOCKED. Quite the cliffhanger, Yancey… Totally cruel and not fair. But to be honest, you did convince me to order book 3… and I can’t wait to read it!

I Don't Know How to Live Anymore Gif


If you enjoyed The 5th Wave, you will probably LOVE The Infinite Sea. But be warned, book 1 is a bit better, in my opinion.

If you haven’t started this series, PLEASE DO. Especially if you like dystopia, action, or aliens (and romance)!


What alien/dystopia books have you read recently?

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