Why ‘The Bold Type’ May Be My New Favorite Show

I’m a show repeater. I rarely ever watch new shows. When I do decide to watch a new show, it’s after the first season has already aired. I don’t like waiting each week for new episodes. Plus, I  just like the comfort of re-watching my favorite characters and knowing exactly what is going to happen. So when I decided to watch The Bold Type’s series premiere, it was because it sounded exactly like my type of show. (Get it?)

While I typically watch shows such as The Vampire Diaries, Charmed, and The Walking Dead – aka non-realistic fantasy type shows, I couldn’t resist the feminist angle this show claimed to take – and totally delivered. My all-time forever favorite show is One Tree Hill. OTH does something that most teen shows fail to do, which is to validate the feelings and events of teenagers’ lives. As the show progresses and the characters grow up, the show offers several strong female leads that I totally admired. I saw something similar in The Bold Type.

Not to mention that the main characters are working at a magazine modeled after Cosmopolitan.

Kat and Adeena from The Bold Type

The Bold Type introduces several strong female leads (who support each other)

The pilot opens with three women standing together on a platform for a train station. As the train approaches, they step up holding hands and SCREAM. Count me intrigued. Jane, Kat, and Sutton are all employees at Scarlet magazine, and Jane has just been promoted to writer. Kat is in charge of social media, and Sutton is an assistant. The first episode follows them as they tackle the challenges of their jobs, but get this: they aren’t pitted against each other at all.

Many shows, especially shows geared towards women, tend to have other women as villains or competitors that the protagonist has to fight against to get what she wants. Which is totally a warped version of feminism. The Bold Type is as chick-lit as it gets, but stays true to the idea of empowering women without needing to make other women the villains. In fact, all of the women support each other in pretty fabulous ways. The Bold Type impressed me, and I am totally hooked.

Jacqueline is THE BEST BOSS EVER

Jacqueline from The Bold Type

Jacqueline immediately appears intimidating in the show, especially to newly promoted writer Jane. She’s a strong and successful woman who has changed Scarlet for the better, and it is clear Jane idolizes her. Jacqueline immediately rejects Jane’s story proposals, but then offers her support as she continues to challenge Jane to come up with something better.

Throughout the first two episodes, she continues to be a heartfelt and genuine character that supports and challenges her employees to be their best. I LOVED THIS. She’s absolutely my favorite character in The Bold Type so far.

The Bold Type raises significant questions about feminism and women

And then navigates them with careful consideration that opens up different ways of thinking for the viewers without totally preaching. The women in The Bold Type are not shy to point out the imbalance of power and privilege, while refraining from making anyone the villain. The show acknowledges that these are results and problems of society, and not any one ‘type’ of person.

The Bold Type doesn’t shy away from topics like sexuality, religion, or race, which seems to be a common occurrence in shows on Freeform, and tackles them with grace. You can count on this show to keep things honest and raw.

Lastly, it was entertaining and fun!

I wasn’t bored for even second of the first two episodes. The characters are fun and smart, and the show maintains just the right amount of humor and sass.  I can only hope the rest of the season is as strong as the premiere.

The Bold Type

The show will be airing on Tuesday nights! You can even catch the episodes online on the Freeform website!

Did you watch the premiere? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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