Review: Little Forevers by Katie Kaleski

Little Forevers was a let down for me. First, I must mention that I read an Advanced Reader Copy of the book, so there were still edits to be made to the version I read before it would be released. That means the final version could be better than my copy. But even so, I think this book was poorly edited and that the writing was not up to my expectations.

Despite that, I still enjoyed the plot, characters, romance, and many of the concepts within Little Forevers.

What I liked

The characters were all very well developed and diverse. The main character, Phoebe, is easy to like, stands up for her family and friends, and is a total feminist. The dialogue is a very strong part of this novel. I think it’s what really kept me reading. The interactions between Phoebe and her new family and friends were lovely and very funny.

The plot line follows the brother’s best friend romance trope. Gage is Phoebe’s brother’s best friend and she totally falls for him, as expected. And it’s SUPER CUTE.

The topic of sex in the novel is portrayed very honestly. The sex scenes are awkward, funny, but still sexy. I think a lot of YA books totally skip over the topic, so it’s nice to see it being portrayed in healthy, realistic way.

What I Didn’t Like

Mainly, the writing. I think Little Forevers has SO much potential and I really would’ve loved it a lot more if there had been more substantial editing. It came across as if it were one of the first drafts, and not as if it were a nearly polished novel ready to be released. I understand that ARC’s are uncorrected, but usually they are in their later stages of editing and the writing IS fairly close to being polished.

Many scenes break from the narration and it’s like the events are simply being listed off and summarized. It totally brought me out of the story. Bottom line: this book needed a lot more than some copy editing or proofreading.

The romance was rushed. Phoebe meets Gage and develops a crush. That’s totally realistic. But she pretty much claims to have feelings for him before they’ve even had a conversation. And then suddenly they’re hiding their relationship from Phoebe’s brother. It’s just happened way too fast. The best part of YA romance, for me, is seeing two characters connect and then fall for each other. I didn’t get that as much in this novel.


Little Forevers has a lot of potential and it’s cute. But if you like reading novels that are well written (and edited), then this book may not be for you. Much of this book felt rushed, and it didn’t seem ready to be released quite yet. With some significant editing and work, it could really be a gem in the YA romance genre. If it hadn’t been for the well-developed cast of characters and the potential for this book to be even better, I would’ve rated it 1 star.

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