Review: Scars by Eliza Bates | An Adult Contemporary Suspense Romance

Note: This book contains mature content.

I was super impressed by this book! I expected this book to be less focused on the plot and more focused on the characters, which is common in romance novels (because, usually, the plot is the characters’ romance). But I was pleasantly surprised to find that Scars delivers an alluring romance and a complex plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat!

The characters were intriguing and easy to love…

I was worried that I might not be able to connect with Anabelle, the main character, when I learned that she had gotten behind the wheel drunk and caused an accident that took her brother’s life. I was shocked and repulsed by her actions. But then Eliza creates Anabelle’s character with such delicacy and precision that I felt compelled to give her the benefit of the doubt — and I quickly grew to love Anabelle’s character and personality. She’s made some mistakes, but she also makes a pretty incredible comeback.

Luke was a total mystery from his first appearance. In a bewildered moment while high, he recruits Anabelle into pretending to be his newest employee at his family’s hotel in the PR department (a position she is completely unqualified for). She agrees reluctantly — and out of desperation to make her life less miserable — and soon she’s wrapped up Luke’s mysterious and complicated past.

I was hooked by the suspenseful plot and the characters’ complicated relationship…

Although I’m not sure I completely bought into the scene where Luke “hires” Anabelle, I was persuaded by their immediate tension and interest in each other to suspend my disbelief and just go with the story.

The plot hooked me before I even finished the first few chapters. I couldn’t wait to find out how Luke and Anabelle’s relationship was going to play out, and when she would finally figure out his past. Luke has a lot of secrets, and I was eager for her to figure him out!

loved Anabelle’s and Luke’s sassy arguments — they were constantly challenging each other! Their chemistry and mutual attraction was so addicting, and I was desperately waiting for them to get together.

“Let’s just say some people never change. Maybe that was true, but did that ever really stop anyone from trying to change them?” — Eliza Bates, Scars

Overall? 4 Stars!

Scars is a beautifully written story of recovering from past mistakes, self-exploration and identity, and seductive romance. Eliza Bates’ debut will pull you in and keep you hooked from the first page; you’ll be on the edge of your seat trying to figure out the mystery and rooting for Anabelle’s success (in her career and romantic pursuits).

I highly recommend this book!

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