My First Time Reading Harry Potter | The Sorcerer’s Stone and The Chamber of Secrets

First of all:

YES, I am just now reading the Harry Potter series for the first time. I’m sure you probably think I’m insane. I honestly can’t figure out the hype surrounding the series yet, but I’m determined to keep reading.

Second of all: yes, I think the books are good! Yes, just good… so far.

Explanation (a.k.a. why I didn’t read the series earlier):

I was never really interested in the fantasy genre as a kid, so I stuck to middle grade contemporary books and then quickly outgrew middle grade, and then I solely read YA contemporary for the longest time. 

Now that I’ve (fairly recently) began to read other genres, I knew Harry Potter had to be on my TBR. I knew I would most likely enjoy the books, so I wasn’t too worried.

However, I was concerned about the first few books because I’m not very fond of middle grade books, and the first two books are very much in the middle grade category.

I have heard that the books mature as the characters get older, so I’m looking forward to continuing in the series.

That said, here’s what I thought:

Book #1:

The first book felt a bit slow at first, and it was difficult for me to become invested in Harry’s story. Aside from that, The Sorcerer’s Stone was a fun read. Although, I admit I was often bored by some of the plot/explanations. ALSO I was annoyed by Harry and Ron’s treatment of Hermione at times.

Overall: Meh… 3.5 Stars.

Book #2:

The second book, The Chamber of Secrets, was way more interesting and fun to me now that I’d become invested in all of the characters and the plot.

Some parts were unbelievable (and not in a well-duh-its-magic sort of way), where it felt unlikely that Harry would be that special, but… I guess he could be.

Once again, I was also disappointed by how Hermione was treated and about her (lack of) involvement in this book. Lastly, the ending felt rushed and a bit forced.

Overall: Getting better, 4 Stars!

hermione gif slow clap

Hopefully, book 3 of the Harry Potter series will be even better than the first two books.

FUN FACT: I got sorted as Slytherin!

Have you read the series? What did you think of the first two books? Any comments on what I should expect from book 3?

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