Review: Lingering Echoes by Erica Kiefer

I started out excited to read this book, but after I started reading it, I was a little disappointed. I didn’t really connect with the characters. The dialogue was off… it just didn’t seem natural. Some of the writing seemed forced and I had trouble believing in the characters. They were a little unrealistic, in my opinion. However, around chapter five, things started to pick … Continue reading Review: Lingering Echoes by Erica Kiefer

Mini Review: Grim (An Anthology)

I can’t recall the last time I read a collection of short stories, it was that long ago. I’m not a huge fan of short stories, and, unfortunately, Grim didn’t impress me. Grim is a collection of 17 short stories by well-known YA authors that are retellings of fairy tales. I love fairy tale retellings and with The Lunar Chronicles being so popular and renewing … Continue reading Mini Review: Grim (An Anthology)

Review: Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott

I didn’t like this book as much as I liked Bloom or Something, Maybe, but it was okay. I did like it. Kate was a character you can understand, but don’t always like. She seemed a bit… shallow? Her relationship with Will wasn’t all that much of a relationship. It seemed more like a fling, but not. If that makes any sense. I just felt … Continue reading Review: Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott

Review: Impulse by Ellen Hopkins

My Review This book is dark, scary, and very, very disturbing, but all that is hidden in beautiful words and a story that is so gripping that it makes it worth reading. If you prefer happy books with cute characters that have bubbly personalities and their biggest problem in life is who they’re going to date, then this book probably isn’t for you. However, if … Continue reading Review: Impulse by Ellen Hopkins

Review: The Shepherd by T.W. Luedke

May not be suitable for younger readers (I’d say 14+) My Thoughts I really loved the characters in The Shepherd, at least for the most of the book. Mike had a bad attitude, a few crappy friends, but always seemed genuine. He was caring for the friends he could trust, and though misguided with his affections for Rachelle, had a pretty clear and stable mindset. … Continue reading Review: The Shepherd by T.W. Luedke

Review: The Unwritten Rule – Elizabeth Scott

This Monday starts the book tour for Elizabeth Scott’s upcoming novel, Heartbeat, so I thought it was the perfect time to post my review of The Unwritten Rule, which I recently re-read. (P.S. I will be hosting Heartbeat’s Promo Blitz this Friday.) My Thoughts There’s quite a bit about this book that I didn’t like. But don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy reading it. … Continue reading Review: The Unwritten Rule – Elizabeth Scott

Review: Taken – Erin Bowman

This review is fairly difficult to write because there’s so many things, important plot point or characters, that can easily be spoiled. So, I’ll try to not spoil anything important. Imagine living in a town, Claysoot, the only town that exists to your knowledge, surrounded by walls. These walls are dangerous. To climb over would mean death. No boy grows to be older, not even … Continue reading Review: Taken – Erin Bowman