Welcome Our Newest Blogger, Caylin!

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I last posted… and to be honest I think the last time I posted, it said something similar to this because I suck at updating! *cries* *shrugs* Anyway, as always I hope to start blogging regularly again! Buuut… we’ll see how that turns out. But to the point… I’d like to introduce the newest blogger here at Strung … Continue reading Welcome Our Newest Blogger, Caylin!

Discussion: Blogging Insecurities

As a very shy, introverted person, blogging is a terrifying experience. I mean, I like it, but the amount of anxiety I have over very simple things, like expressing my own thoughts on my own blog, is absolutely ridiculous. I worry about everything. Lately, I’ve been trying to just do things before I can think them through or really worry about them to the point … Continue reading Discussion: Blogging Insecurities