Life of a Blogger: Fears

Life of a Blogger is a weekly feature hosted by┬áNovel Heartbeat. Topic: Fears I am absolutely terrified of spiders.┬áThis summer, I slept in my living room for TWO months because a spider egg hatched in my room and there were a billion little baby spiders everywhere. It was a nightmare. I was an emotional mess at first. I cried. A lot. And I totally flipped … Continue reading Life of a Blogger: Fears

Typos & Autocorrect And Why I Hate Both (Sometimes)

I have a love-hate relationship with typos & autocorrect, I’m not gonna lie. That sounds crazy doesn’t it? Let me explain. One: they’re hilarious. When I accidentally send a message with a typo, I crack up. Maybe I’m insane, but I just find them SO amusing. [ INSERT FUNNY EXAMPLE HERE ] I tried to find some examples through google, but honestly, they were all … Continue reading Typos & Autocorrect And Why I Hate Both (Sometimes)

Is There A Person Behind That Blog?

I recently visited a blog and after reading some of the posts, I was curious about the author. Unfortunately, there was no ‘About’ page. I couldn’t find the author’s name ANYWHERE. Not in the posts, sidebar, or other pages. I found it a bit strange, but I can understand that some people want their privacy, so I didn’t push any farther. However it made me … Continue reading Is There A Person Behind That Blog?