Oh No! I’ve Forgotten How to Blog

After reading Jessi’s post on Novel Heartbeat, read it here, about why being inactive sucks and about how hard it is to get back into blogging, I decided to talk about how I’ve been feeling in regards to blogging, too. Are reviews boring? For starters, since I’ve been trying to blog again, all I’ve posted is reviews and it doesn’t feel like enough. Which is … Continue reading Oh No! I’ve Forgotten How to Blog

Discussion: Blogging Insecurities

As a very shy, introverted person, blogging is a terrifying experience. I mean, I like it, but the amount of anxiety I have over very simple things, like expressing my own thoughts on my own blog, is absolutely ridiculous. I worry about everything. Lately, I’ve been trying to just do things before I can think them through or really worry about them to the point … Continue reading Discussion: Blogging Insecurities